Four Characteristics of a Calm Person

Last update date:13th January 2018

We feel a little bit happy when someone says to us, ‘You are a calm person.’, because the phrase‘a calm person’ gives us a good image that the person is manure.

What characteristics does the person who is considered to be mature by other people have in common?

You can get a good reputation from the people around you by learning to know the characteristics in detail and acquiring them.

1.A person who does not show their feelings.

A calm person is a person who always looks composed.

However, many adults are still extremely emotional even after they have grown up.

They usually become sensitive to even little things, cannot control their feelings, and behave themselves unexpectedly, which can sometimes cause the people around them to get upset.

So, a person who does not let their feelings show a lot looks pretty calm.

They usually express their happy feelings moderately, not excessively, when they enjoy something and feel happy.

A person, who keeps their cool and expresses their feelings moderately, tends to impress the people around them as being calm.

They show their feelings to some extent by using their behavior or expressions, whose way is different from the one a person who is impassive uses.

The difference between a calm person and an impassive person is that a calm person shows their feeling to some extent by using their behavior or expressions.

If a person does not show their feelings at all, the person gives an impression that they are impassive, instead of being calm.

However, a calm person knows how to behave properly as an adult, so they express their feelings moderately.

Also, a person who is very emotional tends not to be accepted by the people around the person.

This is because the person still shows their feelings even when they have grown up well, and as a result, the person gives the people around them an impression that they are immature.

If you would like to be regarded as a calm person, you should express your feelings moderately.

2.A person who talks with a calm voice and a manner

When having a conversation with a person, we can see not only the voice tone of the other person but also their reactions.

A person who talks slowly and carefully, or who talks with a relaxed attitude, impresses the other people around them as being calm.

A person who talks bubbly, who talks in a loud voice, or who talks so fast that the other person cannot understand what the speaker is talking about, looks restless.

A person who talks at a constant speed or with a relaxed attitude gives the other person an impression that the speaker is a calm person.

It is very difficult to change the way you talk, but it would be easier to change it if you watch the way a person who looks calm talks.

A person who talks in a calm manner usually makes us feel like “This person seems to be easy to talk with”, or “This person can behave very well as an adult”.

The way of talking is also different from age to age, so it is important to try to talk properly for our age.

If a young girl talks as though she were an old woman, or if a person uses a vulgar expression, they will make a bad impression on their listener.

The important thing is that you should try to talk slowly and carefully, and at a continuous speed.

You will be able to impress the other people around you as a calm person.

3.A person who is not easily upset

When we are pushed to the wall or in a desperate situation, we often tremble with fear and our movements lack composure.

However, a calm person does not get upset easily ,and always maintains their composure even in such a pinch.

The reason they do not get upset easily is not because they try to conceal the fact that they are in a pinch, but because they can take an objective view of the situation.

It might be an exaggeration that they can take an objective view of the situation as if it were an affair of other people.

In fact, they can see themselves objectively in order to know what to do next or accept the situation they are facing.

They seem to be able to stay calm by changing their point of view and handle the situation they are facing in order to make the things better.

Sometimes they can get upset or be in trouble for a moment.

However, even in such a bad situation, they try to think that it is no use worrying about it, and can change their way of thinking.

A person who can change their way of thinking when they are in a pinch looks like a calm person.

Their calm behavior creates an impression in our mind that they can act properly as an adult, right?.

4.A person who has experienced various difficulties and overcome them

Different kinds of difficulties in a different stage of our life await us.

Because a person who encountered such difficulties and solved them by themselves has learned a lot from the troubles and can make better use of their experiences, the person impresses us as being calm.

They can know what to do in this situation or how to deal with this trouble based on their own experiences.

For a person who has overcome a lot of trouble and difficulties, it would be not too much to say that their experience is a great asset, or a treasure in a sense.

Thanks to the treasure, they can always behave in a calm manner.

Everybody feels uneasy and takes a process of trial and error when they explore the unknown world or try a new thing for the first time.

In reality, the more experiences they have, the more skills they can acquire to handle the new things.

That is why they are less likely to get upset.

It is because they have overcome different kinds of difficulties that they impress us as being calm.

Let’s become a calm person.

We can imagine that a calm person is more mature mentally than they really are and can behave properly as an adult.

Of course, as I have mentioned above so far, we tend to regard a person as a calm person by appearances such as their behavior and their way of talking, but their mental characteristics and their way of overcoming difficulties are also a very important factor, which helps a person to impress other people as a calm person.

By improving your restlessness first, and then learning and acquiring the behaviors and the skills I have mentioned above, you might be regarded as a calm person.