When you get annoyed with your friends,how to deal with them.

Last update date:31st December 2017

Does any of your friends, despite the fact that you enjoy spending time with them, say or do something annoying at times?

If they annoy others unintentionally, you tend to hold back our anger because it’s kind of hard to point it out, right?

However, always suppressing your feelings is not good for your mental health to always suppress your feelings.

Then, how should we cope with such friends?

1. Tell them honestly that you are annoyed

Often times insensitive people get on people’s nerves without realizing they are.

In that case, you must tell them with your own words that you are annoyed.

But if you get argumentative immediately, they will be confused.

Just telling them “That was a little annoying,” probably laughing as if you are telling a joke, allows you to tell them honestly how you felt without making the atmosphere awkward.

It is not a good thing to hold back your emotions when you are with someone who is not considerate to others.

You will be continuously frustrated with all the blunt words of that friend, unless you tell them how you feel.

So you have to make them realize that they are behaving inconsiderately or making annoying remarks, which will allow them to rethink about what they say or do.

2.Think if you really need them

Here’s a question for anyone who has friends who often annoy you.

Are you really happy to be with someone who always gets on your nerves? If you have such friends, you should stay away from them for a whole and have second thoughts if he or she is a precious person to you.

Do they really cherish you?Maybe they say or do something annoying because they don’t care about you at all.

You don’t need to spend time with such friends unless they really care about you.

One way to deal with this situation is to meet each other less and less and stop seeing them eventually.

Some people annoy others unintentionally and others do so on purpose, and if your friends belong to the letter, that means they don’t care about you, so just cut them out of your life.

3.Consider them to be children.

Those who often get on people’s nerves are not mature enough to control their emotions and their words.

They wouldn’t be so egoistic if they are mentally mature.

If you have someone who annoys you a lot around you, let’s consider them immature and childish.

Often times, taking out your anger to such person backfires and they end up being mad and yelling stuff at you.

They won’t apologize for what they said or did even though you tell them off for their language and attitudes.

Just be an adult and leave them as they are.

You may want to shrug them off, trying not to trigger them, and move on with your life.

It would be much better if you swallow anger just for a moment, than telling them what you actually think.

4.Give them cold shoulder

Nothing can make people who intentionally get on others’ nerves more amused than you arguing back at them.

The best way to deal with such people is to show no reaction.

Give them cold shoulder and try to say little no matter what annoying things they said or did to you.

They would be frustrated and get more offensive if you act that way because they must have assumed that you would say something back.

But all you need to do is just act cold, and end the conversation as soon as possible.

If they were talking with you just to annoy you, nothing can make them more frustrated than this reaction.

This way, you can do something back at them without much effort because they will end up being frustrated as opposed to annoying you.

When it’s obvious that they are provoking you, do not rise to the bait.

Try to hold back your anger, and just act cold to them.

5.Pretend that nothing has happened.

Do you dwell on anger when annoyed with your friend? If you are not able to let this go, your anger and frustration will accumulate, which will make you even angrier.

So let’s just forget everything that got you angry.

Clearing your mind prevents your anger and frustration from taking over.

It’s gonna take a while to get rid of anger if you keep thinking about the friend who irritated you.

Don’t use your energy to think about something annoying over and over again.

Just clear out your mind, and focus on letting everything go.

Forgetting about your annoying friends is the best way to master your own mind.

Try not to confront with your friends even if they irritated you

It’s always troublesome when you have to deal with someone really annoying.

However, confronting with them every time you feel frustrated will make other friends think that you are short-tempered, which might lead them to stay away from you.

Those solutions I introduced are worth trying because you don’t need to confront with them.

Try one whenever you feel irritated with your friends.