Beloved person characteristic. What kind of people is loved by most people?

Last update date:29th December 2017

Do you know any people called as “Beloved person”?

Beloved person is always center of many people, and evaluated highly by everyone or any generation which people belongs.

I am supposed that there is at least one ”Beloved person” in class.

This beloved person can go the business ahead with advantage.

Beloved by other person make life happy above all.

I introduce the characteristic of Beloved person on this time.


Beloved person, means the person beloved by various people, but “Courtesy” is required to be beloved.

A hedge between keeps friendship green is often said, but old and elder people may regard as “Bossy” at their mind if you don’t approach with respectful against old and elder people.

In addition, you might be taken distance because of first impression.

Especially, elder people often tend not to have good impression to young generation.

The impression is getting worse if you don’t approach with courtesy.

So, Beloved person is good at gettinginto people’s heart smoothly.

Beloved person becomes friendly to get into people’s heart smoothly with courtesy.

As a result, people have good impression against Beloved person.

In addition, it seems to have also basic courtesy.

For example, Beloved person uses honorific for people who beloved person meet at first time.

Even if the people are the same age as beloved person or even if the people starts to work at the same timing as beloved person, beloved person does not talk casually or does not forget to add Mr. or Ms.

Beloved person does not forget to show gratitude if beloved person get birthday present, and replies Email or LINE frequently.

Beloved person might have courtesy as people don’t feel disappoint.

2.Ask well

Not only beloved person but also person with “Loved”, are very good at asking for other.

For example, the woman loved by man, man loved by woman…Such as “Loved” person is good at being interested in himself or herself, while they approach.

It is necessary to be pretty like small animal to make us think as “I will protect you”, and it is necessary to urge maternal instinct which makes people feel like helping if asked.

It seems that beloved person is very good at asking and depending on.

However, on the other hand, beloved person seems to go drinking with their boss instead of asked request is received.

Beloved person seems to receive what they don’t like or seems to work with the colleague who they don’t prefer instead of asked request is received.

3.Not denied other person

Beloved person tends to avoid to collide with people basically.

That means, if beloved person suggests the different opinion from other person, beloved person has no choice colliding with other people.

Above all, people, who have different opinion from beloved person’s opinion, dislikes loved person.

Beloved people expect to be loved by many people.

Beloved person often accompany the opponent opinion while his or her opinion is obscure.

It is very hard to get along with many people.

Beloved person has many opportunities to communicate with various people.

So, it might be a little difficult to show what beloved person thinks clearly.

But, it has been criticized if beloved person does not prepare any opinion when his or her opinion is required at business.

Beloved person does not deny other opinion strongly, and does not insist what beloved person thinks although beloved person has own opinion.

It might regard atmosphere at the moment as important to follow what the other person thinks.

4.Not said Negative

Negative talk with other person makes us gloomy, and makes us hesitate to talk with the person who talks about negative matter.

It is behavior which beloved person wants to avoid.

Beloved person has competence to make us “Feel comfortable to stay with”.

Everyone feels so because it is fun to spend with beloved person.

To make everyone feel so, it is not necessary to talk negative conversation.

In addition, as soon as beloved person speaks badly once, beloved person has been regarded as “Speak badly”.

Some people feel unconscious whether beloved person speaks badly with other.

Beloved person never agree against what other people speaks badly, and never speak badly.

It may be fun to speak badly for other people, but it is only gossip for other person.

It is not comfortable to talk about.

In addition, speaking badly may be connected to the origin of bullying and trouble.

So, beloved person does not try to speak badly for other person or speak negative conversation.


Beloved person has relationship with other person as much as possible, and has many groups.

Beloved person communicates frequently with other person.

Beloved person react to group LINE, and accept invitation or consulting by other person without ignored individual LINE.

In addition, beloved person often writes comment and cast Like to friend, or often update his or her SNS, and group belonged often realizes behavior for beloved person.

Know what beloved person does

Above all, 5 characteristics are introduced.

Beloved person might try hard, and acquire reliablity and company in the end to spend much time to have relationship with others, to compare than ordinary person.