Why does the person bite the rip or what kind of type of the person to bite the rip?

Last update date:30th December 2017

Everyone, has habit.

There are habits to realize by yourself or habit not to realize by yourself.

It is said that both habits show unconscious mind.

Let’s analyze deeply related to habit to bite the rip.

1.Mind to be similar to try hard while clenching teeth

Everyone has the moment to stand while clenching teeth at regretful, or at sad.

Such as “Clenching” has appeared when you hold down the feeling which you can’t cope with.

The habit bited the rip is the same as this, this habit often appears when you hold down the feeling.

Emotion never means plus.

The rip is bited such as when you feel regretful, sad, when you would not be able to stand, or when you can’t tell what you want to tell.

It is habit appeared frequently when you hold the minus emotion down.

The person, who often bites the rip in daily, has strong feeling to require to achieve what the person wants to.

The person isn’t good at standing.

It is not convinced to be achieved what the person wants to, while the person stands although the person has something to want to say.

However, such a person is afraid to be taken care of by the people around the person by said something.

Mind to do such a habit frequently seems not be mild to be clearly speaking.

It is not recommended to choose such a person as romantic relationship partner, or husband or wife, or as business partner who you always have to spend with.

2.Regarded the person as Pacifism

Most person, who has a habit to bite the rip, takes “Letting sleeping dogs lie” which means that the person wants to be cooperative by respected everyone opinion basically.

So everyone may regard the person as always calm, and as dependable because the person does not perturb whatever it happens.

However, it is highly possible that the person has a totally different thought, in fact.

It seems apparently that the person agrees the other person’s opinion.

But the person might think “Why do I tell such a rubbish matter?” while biting the rip at the moment she tells in fact.

In addition, most people don’t believe whether their opinion is truly correct.

At the same time, such a person dislikes to be paid attention by the person.

So, the person does not consider to be agreed by other person by forced their opinion even if the person disagrees the opinion.

The person does not mind whether the person’s opinion is taken care if the things is gone smoothly.

3.Habit to be easy to appear to be scold.

It is easy to be appeared the habits to bite the rip if the person is scold by someone.

It is possible to reflect to receive what the person did seriously, if the person is scolded because of the disadvantage or risk arisen from the person’s mistake.

However, the person does not reflect anything against being scolded, if the person bites the rip while being scold because of the mistake taken by the person.

The person may wonder “Why do I have to be scolded, although the person does not have any fault at all” or “What should I have done although it is my fault?”.

The person has backlash because it is impossible to receive even if it is clear the person’s fault.

Even if the person says such as “Sorry, I reflect myself” “I take care not to repeat the same mistake in the future”, it is better to be expected not to think such a way truly, in fact.

We have no choice accepting that it is good that the person has just taken the pause to reflect because the person is scolded.

4.Mentally strong woman and Hard worker

It is often regarded that “Bite rip” is bad habit.

However the person, who has such a habit, has their opinion.

It is true that the person is stubborn, but the person is also hard worker, and the person keep trying until the person is convinced of what the person does.

When such an idea and how to think are not accepted by the other person, the person will feel unsatisfied, and will bite the rip.

In addition, if it is not, the person uses the power to go for the plus.

So, the person is serious person who tries hard in this aspect.

Such a person is not good at co-working with the other person.

So, it is recommended to build own business or work by himself or herself if possible.

Realize why the person bites rip

Even if the person does not aware by himself or herself, the habit to bite rip does not give good impression for everyone.

It is recommended to take care not to bite as far as possible, and try to make face calm to realize that the habit is appeared.