What kind of characteristics your destined one has, and ways to tell who it is.

Last update date:30th December 2017

If you’re going to fall in love, don’t you want to fall in love with someone more than just “a close opposite sex friend”, but the “destined one for you”?

Where is the one destined for you? Your destined one might actually be someone that is near you.

If that’s the case, you can think of it as if you were to look over that person than you’re destiny will change and your life will change drastically.

So, it’s important that you know what kind of person is the destined one for you beforehand.

I’ll introduce what kind of characteristics your destined one has, and ways to tell who it is.

1.When you’re with the one destined for you, you aren’t nervous but feel at ease

A big difference between your destined opposite sex is that “you feel at home with them, as if they were family”.

It’s different than just “I’m so used to being with them, that it means nothing that you are together”.

You both have the love relationship of “I can’t quite put a finger on it, but I feel like I’m being protected by something warm”.

But instead of “butterflies” that normal love relationships tend to have, almost everyone doesn’t have that.

Therefore if you’re the type of person where you feel “I love them so much, that I get so nervous when I’m with them”, it’s safe to say they aren’t the one destined for you.

If the butterflies in your stomach is the main factor in your relationship, it isn’t the destined one for you but rather just a normal love relationship.

Those kind of relationships may be okay, but if you’re considering it as someone to get married to in the future, than you might be worried.

As you continue to date that person, and begin the married life with them, those butterflies will fade away.

When that time comes, it’ll be hard to still have fun living together.

If it’s the destined one for you, they won’t have those butterflies from the beginning, but despite time going past you can feel that fun comfort.

Some characteristics for such a relationship is one where they’re like air.

Them being next to you becomes natural, and just like when you lack oxygen it’s painful when they’re gone.

2.It’s not always the case for you and you’re destined one to be “one of you asks the other out, and you being dating”

The characteristics of being with your destined one, even in a love relationship the case is often “before we realized it, we were together”.

Therefore, it isn’t always the case that “one decides and asks the other, and you go out” way to go.

Of course, there are many destined couples where one of them asked the other out.

Yet, the majority of the cases are “when I realized it, it became natural for them to be by me, and we thought it was important to treasure each other”.

Since it’s destiny, the situation is when you realize it, you are together.

If one of the other is consciously trying to get close to the other it isn’t destiny.

Naturally getting together is destiny.

Even if your relationship began with one or the other asking each other out, than the romantic butterflies don’t last long between a destined two, and it just becomes a relationship where you naturally are together.

There isn’t the typical “the butterflies make me nervous and I get tense”.

“Naturally begin dating” is what a destined couple is.

3.Your family naturally begins to support your relationship

When determining whether they are the destined one for you, an vital factor is “each other’s families”.

When the destined two meet each other, strangely each other’s families will naturally begin to support the two.

Your destined one’s existence is one of “someone that’ll continue the circle of happiness, so each other’s ancestors will approve of them”.

When you meet the destined opposite sex for you, each of your families will instinctively be able to sense that, and naturally begin to support the two of you.

Even if they are against it at first, the majority of the cases are if they get to know them better, they will support it.

Yet, if they have met them several times, but their opinion of them doesn’t change, then the possibility that it isn’t your destined one is high.

4.It’s when you begin to learn to live without putting on a show of yourself, that you meet the destined one

For example, the person that you meet when you are trying to live a “beautified version of yourself”, you begin to wear clothes that don’t fit you, cling onto a job that doesn’t fit you, unfortunately isn’t the one for you.

The person you meet when you just want a lover, or if you want to get married isn’t the destined one for you.

For some strange reason, including the bad and good parts of yourself, it’s one you accept the naked you, and you being to live like the real you, Destiny’s wheels begin to move.

Also, it’s when you decide to live not like “I’m going to do everything by myself” or “generally cling on the opposite sex”, but “I’m going to be an adult and take responsibility and be independent”, that you’ll meet the destined for you.

First, you need to accept all of you.

If, you don’t become the “adult” that doesn’t run away from your reality, you can’t meet the destined one for you.

In other words, the opposite sex you meet when you are “mentally immature” than it’s not the destined opposite sex for you.

In the case that you do try to put an extra effort to beautify yourself every single time you see them, you’ll get tired and it won’t last long.

Therefore, you can say it’s not the destined one for you.

Be calm and determine the one for you

The existence of the destined opposite sex for you, isn’t always one that’ll give you the “romantic butterflies, or exciting feeling” .

But instead, they’ll build the bond and unmoving love of “mentally calamity” and “safe feeling”.

Rather than “lovers”, they are “family”.

This point is a big determining factor in determining whether or not they’re the destined one for you.