What does “Chased in a dream” mean ? It can be a turning point in your life (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:31st December 2017

A dream about being running away from something for your life can often happen.

This kind of dream may seem like a bad sign from your future, but it is not.

Dreaming about being chased or running away from something may be giving you a subliminal message of what to do for your future.

Here we will tell you different meanings of this kind of dream, depending on what or who is chasing you.

1.Dreaming about running away from something that doesn’t exist means that you have subconscious fear

For instance, running away from a “fictional creature” that doesn’t actually exist such as a monster or an extra-terrestrial life from a movie means your unconsciousness is revealing your deep fear.

A monster or an extra-terrestrial life are imaginary and not something cute or beautiful, but are something that conceals “terror”; they symbolise the “subconscious fear”.

Therefore, it is said that dreaming about running away from these things reveals your subconscious fear.

When you have a dream like this, it is important to take your time to relax your mind and give yourself a feeling of security.

At the same time, you should analyse your feeling: “What exactly am I afraid of?”.

2.Dreaming about running away from someone you know means you have a negative feeling towards this person

A dream about running away from a person you know well suggests that you have a negative feeling for him or her.

For example, if you are trying to get away from a person of the same sex, you probably dislike them, or you are feeling guilty.

And if you are running away from the opposite sex, it brings out your feeling of “I want to get away from him/ her” in your dream.

Especially if this person is your current partner, it is possible that there is something wrong in your relationship.

In this case, you should solve the problem as soon as possible.

When you dream about running away from a person you know, look back on the relationship with him or her, and make an effort to restore it, or keep some distance if you need to.

3.Dreaming about chased by a formidable animal can be a premonition that you will have some trouble in a relationship with others

You may hear some people talk about their fearful dreams in which they are chased by a scary dog or a beast.

This can mean a sign of disturbance in the relationship with people.

You should think over “how I am with others” when you have this dream.

To give an example, it is often said that dreaming about you being chased by a dog means that you will have some troubles in your love life.

Your dreams is telling you that it is time to think over how you have been treating the opposite sex.

Also, dreaming about you being chased by a beast (a symbol of authority) can be interpreted in two ways:1.You have so much power/ authority that others find you unapproachable.

2.You are avoiding authority, therefore, others think you are unreliable and don’t trust you.

Either way, you may want to think seriously about what to do with your authority.

4.Dreaming about running away from a fast vehicle, or a machine, reveals your anxiety for work or study

A fast vehicles and a machine are mechanical, thus they have no feeling.

It will come right at you, once it starts.

Therefore, running away from these objects can mean “anxiety towards things that you cannot escape from in real life”.

”Things you cannot escape from in real life” are, in this case, “responsibilities that you cannot avoid” i.e. your work, study and exams.

It is said that you tend to have a dream about running away from a fast vehicle or a machine, when you are not committed to your responsibilities.

When you have this dream, try and see it as time for you to make a commitment for the responsibilities you need to face.

5.Dreaming about running away from something invisible means your mental instability and luck of determination for your life

Some people may come across the scene where they are chased by something or someone, but they cannot identify the chaser.

This dream interprets the unidentified chaser as the unidentified anxiety.

You may have this dream when you have vague worries or fears, but you don’t know what to do because you cannot identify it.

The main cause for this is your luck of determination: “I will face anything”.

When you have this dream, it is time you stop running away from the reality, and face it head on instead.

Being chased in a dream may suggest the turning point in your life

Even in a dream, it is not a good feeling to be chased.

But don’t stop at “not a good feeing”; take it positively and act on it.

This positive attitude can make your life better.

A dream about running away from something means that your unconscious mind is giving you an opportunity to change your life.