Why some people chew a hard candy straightaway? They may be impatient or stressed?

Last update date:31st December 2017

There are some people who suck on a piece of hard candy until it’s completely gone, but there are also people who bite into it right away.

We all know a candy is normally to suck on, but some people cannot help chewing.

Here we will talk about the characteristics and psychology behind the people who cannot help biting into candies.


When people are stressed, they become aggressive.

Sucking on a piece of candy takes a long time, and it can cause stress for some people.

Biting into a candy is a very aggressive action; therefore people with stress cannot help doing it.

Even the time you just bite into it by accident, it can also be an act caused by stress that you may not know.

You may subconsciously chew it, if you think that you can erase your stress by erasing the candy.

When you have some worries in your mind, the stress can show.

It will make you become more aggressive, and that makes you act this way.

Chewing a candy seems to be an act of people who are not feeling calm or relaxed.


There might be a time you find yourself keep sucking on a same piece of candy for hours.

The purpose of sucking on a candy is to enjoy the sweet flavour, but that can be achieved soon after you start.

The thought of making a continuous effort after the initial achievement can change into stress.

After enjoying the flavour, the purpose of sucking on a candy changes to finishing the candy.

This change in your motivation leads to the act of chewing a candy.

You have 3 choices: suck on it until it’s gone, chew it or spit it out.

Spitting it out is wasteful.

Consequently, impatient people will choose to chew to achieve the goal: finishing the candy.

They find this way the most efficient, since they can still enjoy the flavour while they are chewing as well as achieving their goal.

3.No endurance

Finishing a whole candy by just sucking it can take a very long time.

Biting into it or spitting it out becomes an option to finish this candy after the initial purpose of enjoying its flavour.

Continuously sucking on it all the way means sticking to your initial desire.

Other options may be easier, and can reduce your stress.

Deliberately choosing the sucking option requires some endurance.

People nowadays can get anything they want; hence they have less endurance and feeling of attachment towards their belongings.

The feeling of attachment to the candy becomes a desire to finish it fast after the initial satisfaction.

As long as there is some patience left, you can keep enjoying the candy the way that you initially intended to, but once the patience is gone, the candy will go quickly as well.


Everyone should have had candies once in their lives, and has been told not to chew but suck on the candy by your parents.

If you chew, it disappears quickly.

You can enjoy it for a very long time if you want to.

So what’s the fun in finishing it within a few minutes?You must have been told to suck on it when you were younger.

You know you are supposed to do it, but you don’t do it; you don’t like to be told what to do.

You will do what you want to do, and not what you were told to do.

Perhaps you are very strong-minded, and others do not affect your opinions easily.

5.Give up easily

Sometimes halfway through a candy, people give up sucking and start chomping on it right at the end.

Some people find it easier to chew when it’s a bit smaller after sucking for a while, but some just give up when it’s almost finished.

Many people give up before they get the result.

Whether it is caused by stress or irritation, your aggression inside you will make you chew.

Or simply you chew because you want it gone now.

To keep trying until the end needs some endurance and patience, but also the mentality to keep your stress down.

Perhaps the people who give in easily have less resistance to their own stress.

Let’s find out the psychology behind the people who chew a hard candy straight away.

People who bite into a hard candy immediately often carry some kind of anxiety or stress, and that shows as aggression.

They find it hard to control their feeling; therefore, if they feel stressed a little, they try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

That’s the reason why people who chew a candy tend to be impatient and stressed.