Difference between “Like” and “Love”. Boundary to slide from Like to Love

Last update date:29th December 2017

When you have romantic relationship with someone, does the feeling mean “Like” or “Love”?

You may sometimes bother, because the boundary between Like and Love is obscure.

Relationship counseling such as “It is true that he likes me, but does he love me?” is sometimes heard.

To ask “Do you love or like him?”, and then “I don’t know” is often answered.

“Like” and “Love” never fail to accompany with romantic relationship.

What is difference between Like and Love?

1. Boundary between Like and Love, to measure the meaning of word

“Like”, includes the meaning of Favorite, Attracted.

“Like” is often used as casual expression relatively, such as “I like this cloth” or, “I like this food” also in daily.

“Like” in romantic relationship, is also often used as “I like him (= I am attracted by him)”.

On the other hand, “Love” includes the meaning of Affectionate, Treasured, favourite.

Love means more deeper feeling than “Like”.

For example, when you take care of pet, little child, the feeling is sometimes satisfied to see what it is like.

Or, “I can’t live without this.” to feel against what you regard as important for a long time.

The feeling can be expressed as the glimpse of “Love” feeling.

2.Extent difference related to affection for partner

Significant difference between Like and Love, is in extent difference related to affection for partner.

If you like the partner, you hope strongly to be satisfied your feeling by partner.

For example, “I want to take me somewhere fun.”, “Hope to be surprised by nice present”, you require collateral instead of you give a favor for partner.

Please remind favorite food, if it is difficult to understand.

There are many reasons why you like the food.

You want to be satisfied with the food, instead of taking the food.

On the other hand, related to Love, you don’t require “Collateral” by partner.

If you feel pleased and affection to see what partner as it is, partner’s behavior as it is, it is “Love”.

For example, can you feel such as “How long we stay with” to see one wrinkle on partner’s face? Do you feel affection, for collapsed body shape? To measure the boundary between “Like” and “Love”, please imagine what your partner is older.

Do you hope to stay with the partner even if the partner is older?

3.Feeling for the same background as partner

“Like”, means that you have a favor.

whether you can feel the same feeling also for other people who “Like” reason is accompanied is the criteria to judge.

Your heart has been beated, because the other person behavior is similar to partner behavior.

You regard other person’s hair style and style as nice, because they are similar to hair style and style which belongs to the person who you like.

Under such a circumstance, you hold “Favor” for the person with romantic relationship.

But, you have affection once, you will feel “Not this person” whatever similar it is.

If you have affection, style and value, facial expression, behavior being particular in the person, will make you feel attached.

“Not this person”, whatever similar it is.

You feel Love for the person with romantic relationship, if you think as above

3.Trusted relationship with partner

It is possible to measure the boundary between “Like” and “Love” by whether there is reliability or not.

Like is the condition which you feel favor to person from one-side.

So, you will approach favorably to be liked him.

The reliability relationship isn’t still established at this stage.

You may think “I am afraid to be disliked”.

Each other feeling does not still transfer from “Like” to “Love” if you think so.

“Love”, means the feeling not to expect what something is returned in good way.

It does not matter whether the relationship is broken.

It is “Love”, when you make up your mind caring partner such as “I do because this is good for him or her – ”.

4.How long you spend with partner

It depends on how long you spend with your partner, to realize the difference between “Like” and “Love” of romantic relationship.

“Like” means, as if your ideal and what you imagined appears in front of you.

It is not the Month and year concept, but it is the feeling felt at the moment you meet.

Be shortly, it is two-dimensional sense being consisted of dot and line.

It is “Like”, when you feel somewhat the different impression from the first impression.

But “Love”, is based on “Time” when you spend with partner.

Month and year spent, makes you respected, and affected for the partner.

It is relieved to see the reflection of spent time into each other.

Every feeling such as “Dislike” and “I don’t like”, and “Like” is based on how long you spent with partner.

But it is possible to accept partner as it is.

It is “Love”.

Enjoy your romantic relationship to know the difference between Like and Love

Romantic relationship, starts from “Like”, and then relationship is more deepen.

As relationship with 2 persons started from “Like” is deeper, the relationship has been developed to “Love”, before anyone knows.

Boundary between Like and Love is very obscure.

It may be because feeling is shifted as the time pass.