What does a dream about “Drowning” mean? (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:30th December 2017

Have you ever dreamt of you/ someone drowning in the sea/ river? These dreams can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on how it happens in your dream.

Let’s receive this subliminal message properly.

Here we will talk about the meanings and psychology behind these dreams.

1.A warning message for your carelessness

A dream about drowning fundamentally suggests a warning- it doesn’t matter where or how it happened.

It is telling you to be careful.

Carelessness can lead to failure.

So whatever situation you are in, be mindful.

If you did dream about it, think about your situation and improve the part which you need to.

This will prevent you from failing.

Take extra caution in your relationship with people.

There is a possibility that someone is getting close to you to trick you so be aware of people who seem to be overly friendly before or after having this dream.

This person may become your enemy later on.

You don’t have to look obviously cautious, but keep that in your mind and do not get too close to this person or talk about what you are really thinking.

If you know that you are careless sometimes, be mindful that you are still growing and always try to be observant.

2.You are tired

When you have a dream that you are drowning but nobody is helping you, it means you are physically and mentally exhausted.

It is a “help” sign from yourself to rest a little.

Stop and rest if you know you are tired; otherwise, you may become overworked if you keep doing what you are doing.

Dreams can reveal your deep psychology.

So think about this message from deep inside you, then think about your health.

You may be hard working and think “I must keep going”, but you getting ill will make others worry even more.

Lie down and rest a little longer if you are the person who has always kept moving and hasn’t rested properly for so long.

Don’t underestimate the power of lying down.

Why don’t you spend your day-off spontaneously doing whatever you want to do?This luxurious way of spending time for yourself can help not only your body to rest, but also your mind.

3.A dream that you drown in the water and die means very lucky.

Many people may think that dreaming about you dying in the water means terrible things, but, in fact, this is a very lucky dream.

You died and were revived; therefore, it means resurrection.

Even if you have been feeling unlucky lately, after having this dream your luck will be shooting up.

Revival means new beginning- you should start something new.

If you have already been considering taking up something new, this should be the perfect timing.

Take your chance and challenge it.

The whole new world awaits you.

4.A dream that you were saved by someone from drowning suggests that your luck is coming back

Dreaming about yourself being saved by someone from drowning suggests that your fortune is coming back.

Your fortune level might have been low recently, but after this dream it will get better.

If you know the person who saved you, it’s even better.

Contact this person.

If you can see this person at work or school, talk to him/ her proactively.

However, you do not want to rely on this person too much, as your luck will go back down if you do so.

Remember to do your best on your own as well.

This attitude is the key to get your luck back.

5.Someone you know is drowning means you are worried about this person

If you know a person who was drowning in your dream, you are thinking about him/ her subconsciously.

If you haven’t seen him/ her for a while, why don’t you make contact? Or if this person is your friend, ask him/ her out.

Your kindness will make them feel happy.

And if you cannot see the face of this person drowning or the face is too blurred to identify who it is, it means that you have something bothering you in your mind.

Solve your issue swiftly, if you know what it is.

If you don’t, you may want to try to face your inner self.

Find out the meanings of the dream about drowning

So that was it.

As we mentioned, fundamentally, a dream about drowning is a caution sign.

Look back on yourself and see if you are neglecting something.

Obviously, the situations in the dream change its meaning, so think carefully about what happened.

This will help you receive the correct message from deep inside you, so that you can improve your luck.