What does a dream about “Giraffes” mean? (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:30th December 2017

Have you ever wondered “I just had a dream about giraffes, but what can it mean?”

Here we will talk about the meanings of this dream and psychology behind it.

1.You are relaxed and in-control

Dreaming about having fun with a giraffe can symbolise your relaxed and calm state of mind.

It shows that you are in control, both physically and mentally, and are relaxed.

It is a proof that you are happy with your job, boyfriend and life in general.

So keep working with confidence and think about the future with your boyfriend seriously.

It also means that your inner confidence is attracting others, even if you are not currently in a relationship.

So who knows? Someone whom you find attractive might just pop up.

Stay looking polished so you are ready for the time.

Being comfortable with yourself means you can enjoy everyday life.

Don’t forget how relaxed you are and you will keep enjoying a happy life.

Keep your mentality up.

2.Your fortune is rising

Giraffes are one of the best species to be interpreted as good in oneiromancy.

So if you have a dream with them in it, it can mean your luck will be shooting up.

You can say it’s a lucky dream.

Even if you have been unlucky lately, your problems and worries will get solved, and eventually your love/ work life will also be successful.

Do not give up because of your recent unluckiness but believe in your dream.

Your continuous effort will make things better.

But don’t think that you can do ANYTHING because you are getting luckier.

If you let your negative thoughts beat you, it will also beat your luck.

Stay positive.

Doing so can make you even luckier.

Why not try visiting power spots, feeling the sunshine or being with nature too?Nature has a calming effect on you.

Refresh yourself mentally and physically to get you blessed with even more fotune.

3.If you met an evil giraffe

Giraffes are relatively quiet and gentle animals, but if they are looking or being malicious towards you in your dream, it can mean that you need to look back on what you have done.

Stop immediately if you are doing something guilty.

You may think nobody is looking, but you will be surprised how much people actually know.

You will lose people’s trust and end up being lonely if you keep doing something wrong.

Once you lose trust, nobody will help you even if you are alone.

Before it gets too late let’s look back on yourself, and if you do have something on your mind, think it over.

What you act on from now can change the outcome!

4.A dream about giraffes eating= Saving up energy

If you saw giraffes eating in your dream, it can suggest you are saving up the energy for something.

At this moment, you are still charging so keep at it until it’s fully charged.

Being conscious about collecting the positive energy in every day life can actually help collect better quality energy effectively inside you.

Saying encouraging words like “happy” and “thank you” is crucial to this.

Saying something nice can make others happy, and you get to save the good energy.

But talking bad about someone and moaning will have the reverse effect.

Move your body and say good bye to the stress when something bad happened, and keep saying something positive.

5.The length of giraffe’s neck= your potential

The neck of the giraffe you saw in your dream can suggest your hidden talent.

If your giraffe had a long neck, that can mean you have great potential.

Your ability to see things broadly will give you many ideas, and you will be able to solve anything in a calm manner.

Stay as you are now.

In reverse, if your giraffe had a short neck, that can suggest you have a narrow perspective, therefore you panic easily.

Spread your view.

Let’s find out what a dream about giraffes mean

So that was it.

Fundamentally, dreaming about giraffes is a sign of your rising fortune and has a good meaning.

Just keep up your confidence in romance or work or anything personal as you will have the luck helping you.

Even if you have had a bad giraffe dream, don’t worry too much since the giraffes themselves are the lucky charm anyway, so just try changing your lifestyle to change your luck.