What does dream in which you die mean. (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:29th December 2017

That strong lingering feeling of worry when you wake up.

Everyone has experienced at least once, “A Dream where someone dies”.

After waking up, you have that relief that it was just a dream, but at the same time you can’t help but think that it had a meaning.

What kind of meaning is hidden with a dying dream? Most times, unlike worry there are actually meaning that aren’t that bad and are actually symbolizing something good.

Rather than starting your day with worry, try to understand the meaning of a “Dying Dream” once, and go positively.

1.A dream where you die….You are reborn = In a good sense a big change

When you see a dream where you lose your life, or depending on the situation including dreams where you are killed, many times it means the opposite of the end of life, and is rather it is the beginning of something new.

It is an omen that a big environmental change will occur.

Your life is a symbol of the environment thus far, and sometimes that it will appear in you dream in this way.

If, in your dream, even if there is nothing wrong with your health, or if your circumstances and environment is just dull and you have been unconsciously been holding that, there is a possibility that it will all become better at once.

This is completely a good dream, so get past “be comforted”, keep in your heart that “something good might happen”, and look forward to it.

2.Dream where your parents die and you become independent, possibility that a new chance will come

There are times where when you see a dream that your parents have died, that you become more worried than if it were yourself.

There is a possibility it means, especially if you are living with your parents and are healthy, that you will become independent through things like marriage or getting a new job.

Your life up to this point with your parents is symbolized through life, and that you will be separated from them it was shown through death.

This is situation isn’t a bad one at all, but rather a new life will begin filled with many chances is a more prominent meaning here.

The dream of life on your own, may come true in just a little bit.

3.Dream where your lover (someone you like of the opposite sex) dies, relationships improved, new changes

It may be very sad when you see a dream of someone that your boyfriend that you are dating dies, but it isn’t a bad meaning.

Rather, it means that your relationship will become even better, maybe you will move in together, propose..etc., and big changes are to come.

On the other hand, if you relationship is one where you are fed up with your current boyfriend, there is a possibility that your relationship with him is coming to an end.

Either way, it won’t be a bad meaning for you, but a change leading to a better relationship will come.

This doesn’t just apply to someone that you are in a relationship, but even if it is someone that you are interested in, it has the same implications Contrary ,this is a big opportunity for you, and a possibility you may be able to become your ideal relationship.

4.Dream where your siblings die

When you see a dream where your siblings die, it’s more possible that it is more a dream where your complexion, or feelings of frustration that you can never beat them become one and appear in a dream.

This is by no means an indication that you hold so much complexion that you want to kill them.

It is rather you had an experience recently where you were conscious of your complexion, or on the other hand that your complexion will go away.

Rather than taking this negatively take the fact that you had a complex honestly.

I believe this will lead to a better relationship with your sibling, and that the complex will be resolved.

5.Dream where Far relative(friends)die, possibility of transfer or prophesying dream

If you see a dream about the environment around you, family health situations, friends, family that you haven’t seen recently dying, then depending on the situation, it’s possible that they have come to say goodbye.

As long as you live, death is something that comes to everyone, you can’t completely deny the possibility.

From times of old we call it the “premonition”.

These type of things are something that beats scientific knowledge, and have been told from times of old.

Though they may come across as a negative connotation, just because they came to say goodbye doesn’t mean that it is negative.

Rather, it shows their feeling of gratitude, so please don’t take it as something negative.

If, there is no correlation and suddenly someone that you haven’t seen in a long time whether it be relatives or friends dies in your dream, it might be good to give them a call once.

It’s important that you don’t become negative because you see a dream about death

We’ve looked at dreams about death but what I can say that they all have in common is, “death” = “reset” = “new start”.

When you see a dream, anyone will become worried but most of the time it is a dream symbolizing luck.

Please look forward to a new stage and move positively forward.

Whether it be starting school, getting a job, start of a relationship, living independent, moving in together, or marriage, when a new beginning comes as a shadow of what is to come, often time you will see a dream about death.

As an idea, if you are think of death as a that person and their circumstance than you won’t really get it wrong.

When you see a dream about death, please don’t overthink it and focus on positive changes or improvements.