What does the dream made boyfriend or unconscious mind (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:27th December 2017

You will feel so glad very much, if you meet the situation “You have boyfriend” even if it is just dream.

This dream, unconscious mind in yourself send message related to romantic relationship.

It is important to read the message correctly, and to live to your romantic relationship.

Now, what does the dream being able to have boyfriend mean concretely?

1.You can’t remember the face, although you had with romantic relationship with person who you don’t know because you are said to be loved.

In the dream, when you meet the scene “You can’t remember the face when you wake up, although you decide to have romantic relationship because person, who you don’t know, says love to you, it is expected to meet new person.

But this, is not limited to meet in romantic relationship.

It is sometimes shown as previous notice, which you can get new friend, and you can have a new business colleague.

It is ensured that it is “Good encounter previous notice”, for any case.

“Be glad by said love, and have romantic relationship” situation, is interpreted as the previous notice to happen good incident.

However, “You can’t remember the person’s face” is the point in the dream.

Because you can’t find the person’s face, it means the stage as “You don’t still know what kind of encounter such as “romantic relationship, business, friend relationship”.

2.When the person, who you don’t know” is your preferred type, although the person, who you don’t know at all, says love, and start romantic relationship.

The man is totally type which you like, although the person, who you don’t know, says love to you.” Dream, means “You ensure the man, who you regard as really ideal again in the dream.”.

For example, although people say that “Kind people is better” “Good looking is better”, most people does not concern “What kind of kindness is better concretely” “Where is good looking concretely”.

“Ideal man”, who you imagined obscure, is reflected concretely in the dream, and unconscious mind tells “You really require such as type of man at the bottom of heart.” This dream, should be paid attention also in “Being said love, and have romantic relationship” scene.

“Being said to love, and start romantic relationship” dream means “Fortune up” “Previous notice to happen good”.

To analyze these totally, this dream, it is possible to interpret as the previous notice as “Ideal man appears in front of myself, recently”.

3.When you dream that you have romantic relationship with the person who you like now.

You can feel high, if you dream to have romantic relationship with the person who you really like.

But this dream does not mean “It is previous notice to be able to start romantic relationship with the person who you like” unfortunately.

The person, who you like, appears in the dream, and the dream, which you start romantic relationship, means “Your feeling extent, for the person who you like.”.

Be shortly, “Love the person seriously is reflected in the dream”.

You may feel a little sorry, but what you really love the person means, “At least the feeling for the person is true, and it is not playing” .

Although you need to take care not to bother the person, but please be proud of yourself who can love seriously.

4.When you dream which you start romantic relationship because the man closest to you said love to you

When you see the dream as “You are said love by the man, who you don’t concern as opposite sex at all, and then have romantic relationship.”, it means that it is highly expected that it is the previous notice to approach the person soon.

So, when there is not boyfriend now, it is possible to develop the relationship, if you concern the person, who appears in dream, a little.

It is recommended that you speak aggressively, and shrink the distance, if you don’t dislike the person who appears in the dream.

Please take care of what the person says, if you remember what the person says to say love to you.

The sentence at said love to you, often shows “It is honest feeling that the person thinks for you” also in reality.

5.When you dream that you are said love by someone, and start romantic relationship in the place which is far from the reality.

For example, it is implied as “Love luck is improved quickly in the future.” if you dream that someone says love to you in the world such as fantasy movie scene, or that you can get boyfriend in foreign country which you have never been.

When “Place”, which you can get boyfriend in the dream, is not “Negative place”, the dream often means “Prepare well as woman, to have boyfriend anytime, because love luck is improved.”.

If you see this dream, it is recommended to take care of your attitude and your looking, and to prepare for predestined encounter.

The dream having boyfriend certifies that you are in romantic relationship anytime.

Every dream having boyfriend, can be interpreted as “Now, you are ready to have romantic relationship with anyone”.

It is message shown “At least, you are close to romantic relationship.” “There is feminine to be loved in yourself” whether current romantic relationship goes well or not.

So if you see this dream, believe yourself in a part of “Feminine” and in romantic mode, and have relationship with man aggressively.

It depends on whether you can interpret this dream positively, and you can behave with confidence.