What does a dream about the guy you like having a girlfriend mean? [Oneiromancy]

Last update date:29th December 2017

It is daunting to wake up in a morning with a dream about the guy you like with another woman.

It would make you feel anxious to think that this dream may come true or it IS true.

So what does it mean when you have a dream like that?

1. A sign that you want his attention

Him having a girlfriend means he is not taking any notice of you.

The person who has this dream must really love him.

You love him so much but he is not looking at you.

The difference between your feelings is making you dream this way.

You have a strong desire to get his attention and become closer to him.

If you have a dream that he has a girlfriend, it shows flooded desire to be given attention by him.

2. A sign that you lack confidence

It is shocking to know the person you like has a girlfriend.

Your feeling is hurt.

What was she like in your dream?

Was she beautiful? With a lovely smile? Sophisticated? A perfect match for him?

Your lack of confidence is making you compare your current self to the woman you saw in your dream.

The fact you want to tell him how you feel but you have no confidence, and the anxiety caused by not knowing what to do seemed to show up in your dream.

Don’t be down about it.

It’s just a dream. Ask yourself if you have a belief in yourself.

There must be something attractive that only you have.

Brush yourself up and approach him with confidence.

3. A sign that you got shook up by something

Having a dream about the guy you like with another woman does not always portray a subliminal message about romance.

Is there something else that has shocked you in every day life?

Is your feeling hurt by something else other than romance?

For instance, your friend said something nasty to you or at work someone took the credit for your hard work?

Dreams reflect slight changes in your feeling in a real life.

Why don’t you try different things to refresh yourself for self-heeling if you already know about this scar?

If not, think about what happened that has shaken you up recently.

It is better to know your stress and act on how to reduce it than just leave it unnoticed and ignored.

4. A sign that something new is beginning

Him having a girlfriend means you have to cut the feeling for him and move on with your life.

It is tough but if you can wish them happiness and move on with your life, you will be able to meet someone wonderful.

The dream that he is with someone else can mean a sign of new beginning for you.

It might be hard and you might need some patience but changing your direction can create a new beginning.

Many happy events like building a new relationship, meeting an amazing guy and getting a promotion will be waiting for you.

Straight after a dream like this, you might be feeling gloomy and doomed but there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s think that this is a new beginning in your life, and live every day positively.

5. A sign that you will be with him

Sometimes having a bad dream can be interpreted as good.

Him being with a girlfriend might mean just before your love will come true.

It is telling you that it is happening soon.

But it’s suggesting you not to relax just yet.

Are you hesitant to do the last little push because of your lack of confidence even though you are already almost there with him?

Or maybe he is approaching you but you are being blind?

A bad dream can be a sign of a good thing that will come to you.

Pay more attention to what’s around you.

Understand the meanings of the dream and move on

It is a big shock when you find out the guy you like has a girlfriend.

But it is just a dream.

Your subconscious mind is telling you the feeling you haven’t realised.

More or less, look again where you are at the state of your mind, relationship between you and him, relationships with others, and work related issues.

We hope you can have a positive and beautiful every day and build a great relationship with him.