What does “Dream of War” mean? Represent the battle within your heart.

Last update date:30th December 2017

Is there anyone that’s experienced war before in their dream? There are cases that after seeing a dream about war, you’re left with a bad feeling.

There may even be people that feel scared.

Even if it’s a dream if you see a bloody battle in front of you, it’s so scary that you shake.

What kind of dream is held in a war dream? I will introduce what kind of meaning and deep psychological meaning it has behind.

1.War represents the conflict with your desires and morality

There are times that War represents the conflict with your desires and morality.

For example, you have some dissatisfaction with your life.

There is a conflict in your heart that you can’t let it explode, but want to take it out on something.

The conflict is a war within your heart.

Something you know that you shouldn’t do, so your morals are trying it’s best to hold you back.

In other words the war between your desires and morals is the conflict.

The conflict’s pain and frustration, appears in your dream in the shape of “war”.

When you see a dream about war, you might have a lot of anger built up in your heart.

It may explode at any time.

If you live your life without realizing it, there may be a change that your morals will lose and it will explode.

It’ll be better for you to release it in a different form.

2.A dream where you are by yourself it means loneliness

Seeing a dream where you on a battlefield, it is when you feel loneliness in reality.

It is a dream often seen when you are in a new environment and can’t seem to fit in.

In those cases, people tend to see their surrounding as an assault.

So, when you see a dream where you are in a battlefield try to break your own shell.

Then, I recommend that you try to live in a way that people will be able to understand you.

3.A dream where you are feeling extreme anxiety in war, means that you are scared of pressure

When you see a battle seen, you must feel extreme anxiety.

“Will I ever be killed?” Or “what will happen if I lose” etc.


In the case that you feel extreme stress in an intense battle, it means that extreme pressure may come your way.

For example, let’s pretend that you were given a big project at work, or given a position that comes with a lot of responsibility.

People tend to think “I got this” and go into battle mode.

Yet, at the same time people tend to feel anxiety and think “will I be okay?” in their hearts.

Unconsciously as if it would get rid of that weak feeling, you have a fighting stance.

These feelings come out in your dream as war.

But, the feelings of worry will still remain.

Because those are your honest feelings they will be etched into your brain.

If you see a dream where you are under extreme stress at a hard battle, it shows that you are fighting against pressure and worry.

4.A dream where you die in battle means that you heart is hurt

A dream where a battle occurs, and you die in battle means that you heart is hurt.

When I dreamed that I was killed in a battle, it meant that my own heart was hurting.

My true self located in the center of my heart was the one fighting in the battle.

When that person was killed, it symbolizes events that result from a immense shock or losing self-esteem.

Those times where the blood is just running down, it relates to events where you go through change.

Those events give you the reason to become an adult or grow.

Your self in the battle can represent you as an adult or as a child.

When you die there, it represents the child you has died, and the adult you has won.

When you see a dream of you being killed in war, it may be a sign that you need to grow up from your child self.

5.A dream where you are suddenly pulled into war, represents a sudden change in environment

A dream where a war suddenly occurs and you’re pulled into, it represents a sudden change in environment.

For example, aren’t you confused when a war suddenly occurs? That confusion itself represents the burden your heart goes through because of the environment change.

Human beings are creatures that get confused when things happen unexpectedly.

There are just so scared and don’t know what to do.

If your feelings aren’t like one as if you’re going to war, than you can’t win.

Dreams where you are suddenly brought into war, show that your environment will change to one that you can’t even think of.

It represents that the burden on your heart may be more than you can even imagine.

Dream with wars in them, represent the battle within your heart

I introduced the meaning and deep psychological meaning for dreams with wars inside of them.

Wars represent the battle within your heart.

If you see a dream with battles occurring, it might be a good idea to release your stress in a good way, or rest so that you may make your worry a little better.