What does the dream to come off hair (Oneiromancy)

Last update date:27th December 2017

Have you ever heard “Dream shows mind exhausted”? What you usually think at the bottom of heart, and what you think that it is not appropriate to consider, have shown apparently when you relax.

That’s the dream.

Some dream only satisfies silly desire, but also some dream shows “Movement of mind and Fatigue” unexpected.

So, what does “Dream to come off hair” mean?

1.“Hair” shows unconscious power

Things, which we consider in our mind, is your just “Small fraction of the real figure tip of the iceberg” in fact.

Everybody never fail to expect and feel at the heart instinctively, to differ from what you consider in your mind.

That part is “Unconscious”.

It is a part unseen to sink into sea, to compare to iceberg.

For anybody, unseen part to sink is bigger than yourself to be regarded in your mind.

In addition, you consider things, while receiving “Anything” felt by the part in mind unknowingly.

“Unconscious”, it is difficult for yourself to notice.

It is the same as that it is difficult to see the part sink into sea, for iceberg.

But, your idea is based on “Unconscious” feeling and desire.

Such a unseen, unrealized “Unconscious” energy is shown by “Hair” in the dream.

2.Your feeling may be damaged

“Hair” itself appeared in dream, seems to show energy and instinctive vitality.

Coming off vitality, may show that your mind is a little tired mentally.

Dream never “Predict “Expect”.

So, if you see “Dream coming off hair”, you may feel damaged, because you experience something to make you a little exhausted mentally in daily life.

It may be signature of “Exhausted unconsciously”.

Please check the following item without any care, if you think “It is not true to me…”.

3.Your idea or life may change

It seems to see “Dream come off hair” also when your complex is removed.

This “Complex” is a little different, from “Sense of inferiority”.

That means “Buzzed, Complex feeling although you don’t have particular reason”.

It is easy to image, to imagine as the feeling which you pay a lot attention at the bottom of heart, as if tangled hair.

What about “Come off tangled hair”? It is as if…“It is possible to throw away the thing which you pay a lot attention before now although you don’t have particular reason” or “You want to spend new life, if you throw away complicated tangled”.

Yourself which you don’t realize, might lead to such a “Change Mental state”.

4.Someone may help you to solve problem, if hair dresser appears in your dream

If the dream is just “Come off hair”, that means to be changed “Unconscious” which is a part which you don’t realize.

But, if there is hairdresser, and she or he organizes your hair, the meaning is a little different.

It seems that the hair dresser, helps organize your “Unconscious problem”.

If you are woman, if the hair dresser is woman, she might be a little disliked type for you.

If the hair dresser is man, he might be very rational man around you for you.

You feel unconsciously that they may help to solve your problem,,,, and then it may reflect in the dream.

Dream come off hair may show the changes in a part of mental

It seems that “Dream come off hear”, generally speaking, unconscious power is a little tired, and complicated feeling at the bottom of the heart is closed, or new life and idea are expected.

But it is true that there is no correct to interpret dream.

It is correct if the person feels “Ring a bell in mind” in dream.

It may be interpreted as you want, when you can’t ring a bell for above both suggestion.

For example, if it is a dream to make you feel “A little horrible” without any reason, although you see “Dream come off hair”,it is possible to read as “It is horrible to realize that you feel damaged mentally.” Or “It is horrible to live under news idea”.

In the opposite, it is sometimes felt as “Happy” without any reason.

At that time, it might be “Glad to realize” to exhaust myself and “Glad to be noticed”,or ”Closed complicated feeling”.