What does “Dream of Being Dumped” mean? Don’t deem it as a bad dream

Last update date:30th December 2017

When you see a dream about being dumped, what meaning does it hold? Among dreams that are about romance, the ones about being dumped, or being heart broken are the most painful ones.

Don’t you feel the hurt even after you wake up from the shock of the dream? It’s that much a dream that’ll shake your heart.

If that’s the case then case, then you must be curious what the hidden meaning is.

I will introduce what kinds of meanings there are behind dreams about being dumped.

1.When you get dumped in a dream when you don’t have a significant other

What kind of meaning is hidden within a dream about being dumped when you don’t have a significant other? It’s hard to see a dream about being heartbroken before getting a significant other isn’t it? Especially in a time when you are thinking about getting into a relationship, or wanting to start one, you don’t want to see those types of dreams.

When you do see those types of dreams, make it into a good opportunity to reflect yourself.

In other words, check to see if you can talk about the good points of yourself.

Looking at yourself again, are in you a position where you can’t confidently say what you’re charm is, or you can’t find any? When your mental state is in such a state, your self-esteem tends to go down.

Therefore, you see dreams in situations where you get dumped by a lover.

So, won’t you try to gradually gain confidence in yourself? For example, why not try a new hobby or try to get a license for something? It might be good to continue to sew or cook and make something with your own hands.

You might think about focusing on beauty and learn how to do your makeup better or incorporate light exercise in your daily life.

When you see a dream about being dumped by a lover, despite not having a lover, make it into an opportunity to make an effort to have confidence in yourself.

2.When you see a dream about being dumped by the person you are seeing

What kind of meaning does a dream about being dumped by the person you are seeing have? You should be having fun every day finally having a two sided relationship, so of course you’re not going to want to see that type of dream, and you’ll feel bad being dumped even if it’s a dream.

If that’s the case, then why do you see that type of dream?It’s because you love them, that you become more insecure.

There’s a possibility that your problem free days with your lover seem like a dream and you’re unconciously scared that it’s going to end, and it’s appearing in a dream.

In other words, in reality your relationship with your significant other is that good that you are becoming insecure.

So it’s a suggestion of good luck for love and that it it smooth sailing for you.

Yet, it is sad to see a dream where you dumped by your lover in the middle of your relationship.

Even if you don’t have to worry, there are probably people that are worried about it.

Even if that’s the case, don’t let feelings of worry fill your heart.

Being dumped by the person that you are dating is a lucky dream.

Because it’s one of those good dreams, there is no need for you to be moved by being dumped, and have any worries that might ruin your relationship.

If you just can’t shake the feeling, be honest and tell your lover why you became sad when you saw that dream.

Then, laugh with your lover that such a thing won’t happen .


3.When you get dumped by somebody you have a crush on, or that you previously dated

You aren’t currently dating that person, but you’re dumped by someone that you have a crush on, or someone that you dated previously, what kind of meaning does it hold? First, you haven’t even started a relationship with your crush.

So, it’s sad to see a dream where they dump you.

This is a sign that your one-sided loves haven’t gone anywhere before so you are giving up.

Yet, you haven’t completely given up.

You have mixed emotions of giving up, and wanting to move one step forward.

So it’ll be important to seriously face what you want, and decide whether or not you want to ask out the one you like or not.

Next, if it’s someone that you dated before, it means that you were currently dating them in the dream.

There’s going to people questioning why they were demurred by them.

It shows that you are still aren’t over something that already happened.

So if you’re single, then you are going to want to find chances to find a new love, or immerse yourself in a new hobby, then before you realize it, you’re going to put an end to those feelings.

If you do have a someone that you are currently dating and are wondering why you saw such a dream, it’s possible you are unconsciously wanting something in them that they don’t have.

But, it’s easy to see the grass greener on the other side, it’s easy to beautify the past.

Talk and face your current lover right now, and try to value your relationship with the right now.

Just because you saw a dream about being dumped, don’t deem it as a bad dream

I explained what it means when you see a dream about being dumped but what did you think? Whether you are currently dating someone or not, it’s hard to wake up after that type of dream.

But, it’s not just simply a bad dream.

In fact, it might become a chance for you to reflect upon yourself and have a good love relationship or continue the one you have right now.

By making an effort to see your own charming points, you can grow a better relationship with the one you love.