Attitudes or actions that envious women take.

Last update date:29th December 2017

Are you feeling like you’re under attack from women around you?It comes from jealousy or envy in many cases.

If you are the target of them, you had better take measures as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it might lead to bullying.

So today, we will show you 4 common attitudes or acts that envious women take.

1.Avoid and ignore

Envious women do their best to keep away from or avoid the target.

It is because they don’t want to feel unbearable misery when their bullying comes out.

The feeling of jealousy or envy can turn into hatred, but showing the hatred in a public area can mean to admit being inferior to her.

They want to avoid that kind of situation as adult women, so they completely get away from her to have minimum communication both face-to-face and on SNS.

Although this type of envy is very peaceful, it is difficult to leave enough space in a small community such as working place or school.

2.Want to compare

Without this enough space, they start to look for their superior points by comparing the target and themselves from head to toe.

Since jealousy or envy is a feeling developed against someone who has something they don’t have, they want to find something they can win.

They don’t want to admit being poorer in everything.

If they can find an inferior point of the target, they can feel “I’m superior to her.”A woman who wins the first prize of a beauty contest, for example, cannot be perfect.

She might live in a messy house, be always running after men, or be ill-bred.

hose “bad points” are extremely important for them.

That allows them to feel that they are equal, and keep them free from saying nasty things by going mad with jealousy.

3.Show their superiority

There are women who make the target understand that they are superior to her in various points.

They boast about their academic background, specs of their boyfriend, or wealth of their parents.

It would be worse if their target is a close woman like their friend or their fellow of a club team.

They might say, “You are a talented artist of makeup.” in patronizing tones with smile.

In more insidious case, they tell something bad straight or sometimes make a fool of the target in a group, which is almost like bullying.

You need to take care of it.

4.Try to kick you down

Women going mad with jealousy would sometimes be so horrible.

It would be worse if it’s related to love.

Some women try to kick the target down while others give up the relation or try to properly engage with it.

They set up the traps to lead to mistakes, put the blame on the target, or do that kind of terrible things.

There are plenty of reasons why it is caused; someone might be got jealous because she took a boy who her friend has loved, another one might be in trouble because she was in a group of single friends but at the same time she has a boyfriend.

Even though the acts of those envious women are dangerous, the problem might have its roots in a woman who are envied.

She might have fueled the feeling of envy by mocking or boasting unconsciously.

You had better watch out when you are happy after something good happened.

Detect the act of envy

Although common sense can put the brakes on envy or jealousy, the feeling can turn into madness by the attitude of the target.

Envy or jealousy can be a power to inspirit you in a positive way, but it also can be ill if it involves harassing behavior.