How to make your ex regret for leaving you?

Last update date:30th December 2017

You may be thinking there is no point to do so, but it is only human nature to think “I want him to regret that he left me.” or “I want him to want to come back to me.”

If you can just move on to another relationship, that will be best.

But we all know it is not that easy.

So here we will tell you how to make your ex feel regret for leaving you.

1.Do not contact him after the breakup

There is a saying to describe the man and woman’s relationship: “Women overwrite saves.Men save all with names.”

Women tend to forget the past easily when they have someone else in their lives, but men are creatures which will always remember the girlfriends and memories that are saved inside them.

It would be the same even if he was the one who left.

If there is no contact at all after the breakup, he will gradually start to feel sorrow.

It is a similar physiological reaction to losing the pray and wanting to go after it.

Next time you get dumped, don’t make any contact with him, and wait until he gets worried and then contacts you.

Be aware that if you show him your regret, he will think that you still have a feeling for him and feel superior.

This will make the situation worse.

But we know it is only natural to want to contact the ex whom you still have feeling for.

When you feel like that, go out and have fun with your friends, make hobbies, work more; just don’t be alone thinking too much or for too long.

The fact you are having fun even after the breakup will make him regret his decision.

2.Have a close male friends

We mentioned earlier that men would not easily forget about their girlfriends, and they are always caring for the ex in their memories.

Nowadays we have Facebook and SNS so use them wisely.

Upload photos of you having a great time with other guys, and that will make him think “Oh? She used to really like ME” and he will be upset.

If you don’t have any male friends around you, get your girls to introduce you to some guys or it can be your colleagues.

Whoever you are with, the most important thing is to show him that you are perfectly fine without him.

Bringing out his jealousy will make the breakup regrettable.

3.Be more beautiful

Brushing yourself up is crucial in order to make your ex feel sorry for leaving you.

Men care about women’s appearance so much that if you look better than when you two were together, men will start thinking.

Brushing yourself up doesn’t have to be difficult.

The easiest way to do is to just change your hairstyle.

As the saying goes “Hair is the frame for your face”.

Changing hairstyle can transform your facial impression.

Perhaps you can ask a popular hairstylist for advice on SNS.

And of course, FASHION.

It is easier to pick darker colours like black, but make sure you also put some lighter colours like white and beige in you to lighten your impression.

Men like women in bright colours.

It’s because the bright colours give them a cleaner impression.

If changing your outfits’ colour can change your impression, don’t you think this is an easy win?We recommend white denims if you think whites gets dirty too easily and the washing will be a nightmare.

Denim is an endurable fabric for washing so you can wear them longer too.

You can get a white denim now as cheap as 3000 yen so fear no more.

4.Apologise to him sincerely about the breakup

There is a reason for everything- getting together or breaking up.

Why did he leave you?You must think about the reason.

There can be many possibilities for the breakup, but to summarise, men dislike women with no sympathy.

A high-maintenance, a too low-maintained, a big spender or one with loose lips…You need to figure out what caused the breakup and you should simply apologise to him.

Men would feel guilty, even if they were angry, when women apologise sincerely.

And even if he does break up with you, after a while he will start thinking “Maybe we should have talked through…” and then the feeling of regret will kick in.

Tell him what you like about him when you do this talk.

He will realise that ”You did understand me” and that will lead him to feel sorry later on.

Use this technique as your last text if you couldn’t say these things to him when you were breaking up.

Do not contact him after sending him this message as we mentioned in Chapter 1.Be patient.

Let’s make your ex regret for leaving you

So that was it.

The most important thing to make your ex feel sorry for leaving you is to make yourself better than before.

Breakups are sad and lonely, but using this opportunity to better yourself and move on positively is the shortcut to make him feel sorry.