How to get back with your ex who is too proud to come back

Last update date:31st December 2017

Once you break up with a boyfriend who has a lot of pride, it is hard to get back, even if you still have feelings for each other.

His ego is in your way.

Find out what you need to do to get back with the ex with too much pride, and be happy.

1.YOU contact him

A guy with a big ego will not make an effort to contact you, even if he still has a feeling for you, or feels lonely.

So if you want to get back with him, why don’t you contact him?Of course, to begin with, there is no need for you to show him your intention that you want to get back together.

You can start from a casual conversation i.e. ask him what he has been up to lately, or send him a message on his birthday.

If you want to go out on a date with him, you should ask him since he won’t ask you.

His pride will be holding him back to accept your date straightaway, but he may actually just want to see you too.

Don’t give up, and keep approaching him.

2.Apologise to him about when you think you were wrong and change yourself

An ex with too much pride will never say sorry, or show you that he wants to be back together with you, even if there is a reason for breaking up in the first place.

If there is something that you perhaps feel regretful, why don’t you apologise to him, and reflect on those points?For example, if you ever checked his mobile, say sorry, and tell him that it will never happen again.

It will be difficult to change at once, but first you need to show him your determination, and then act on your promise.

When he sees that you have changed or are changing, even with his big pride, he can accept you a little more easily.

3.Tell him what you like about him

Prideful men tend to have desire to be accepted and praised by others.

Therefore, if you want to get back together, accept and praise your ex by telling him what you like about him.

Say something flattering such as ”You look great.

” or “You are lovely as ever” when you see him again.

Also, if you cannot meet him in person, look back on the past when you were dating, and send him a message that complements his looks, personality or action.

It is natural for your ex to start to feel that he wants to get back with someone who understands him: YOU.

4.Accept his status at work and in his social life

Some couples may have broken up because of financial issues, or they were too busy at work to keep the relationship going.

If you want to get back with him even after that, you will need to accept his status at work, and in his social life.

Men with too much pride need to be accepted by a woman for who they are: what they do best, or what they spend time on, to make them feel comfortable.

Understanding what status he is in can make him feel relaxed with you; this will make him want to get back together.

Avoid criticizing him for being busy or broke, and tell him that you want to be with him no matter what.

5.Talk about mending your relationship after some separation period

A prideful ex may decide, without any reasons, that “there is no way of getting back together” once the relationship ends.

Therefore, if you want to talk to him about mending your relationship, give him enough time, so he can cool down first.

During this time, your ex may start to think more clearly again, and feel that he wants to try the relationship again.

Give him some space, and leave him alone for a while.

Sometimes it might take a long time- it can be between from 6 months to a year until he’s ready, but stay patient.

6.Polish yourself

It is difficult to get back with an ex with a big ego, as he tries to think a woman he’s no longer with is not a “good woman”.

You must polish yourself, so he will think you are better than before.

Getting yourself a nice body by controlling your diet as well as changing your fashion can be important for him to see you changed.

It will, of course, take some time, but this will be a shortcut to get back with your ex, if you can make him realise how lovely you have become next time you see him.

Maybe it is not a bad thing that you can have some time to brush yourself up to become his ideal woman?.

How to get back with your ex with too much pride

The key to get back with your ex who has a big ego is for you to compromise, reflect on your mistake and polish yourself.

Acknowledging his ability and status at his work, and in his social life will also help.

Time it well when you bring him up the chat to get back together.

Remember, he is stubborn.

You can be happier than ever, if you do it right.