What is selfishness to be said happy? Most of men prefers her selfishness.

Last update date:18th December 2017

Couples, have “Selfishness to be said happy” which it difficult for people but couple to understand.

Of that, if you know what “Selfishness by girlfriend which boyfriend is pleased” is, you can grab boyfriend’s feeling firmly, and will keep close relationship with boyfriend forever.

1. It is said “I want to see you right now” unreasonably in spite of boyfriend is busy.

What is Selfishness by girlfriend which boyfriend is pleased?

If girlfriend says “I want to see you right now” unreasonably to boyfriend who is busy, boyfriend will get pleased to be said at the bottom of his heart in fact.

Woman tends to worry to be disliked, if she asks too unreasonably to boyfriend. But man tends to regard such a woman as very pretty, when woman says “I want to see you” while she becomes a little sulk.

Man feels smirked at the bottom of the heart, while man says “No choice”.

Man can realize what she really loves him, if girlfriend speaks such a selfishness.

Man also feels a little sorry as “She feels lonely”.

He will feel bothered, but will also feel pleased to hear that girlfriend speaks selfishness such as “Why can’t you see me?”, when girlfriend does not have much opportunity to see boyfriend.

He will feel smirk, while saying “Sorry”.

2. Girlfriend wants to get “A little expensive accessory”

Girlfriend sometimes wants to get “A little expensive accessory” as selfishness which boyfriend gets pleased.

Boyfriend can’t resist to say “OK”, when girlfriend asks “Hopes to get ring”.

Boyfriend should expect to be regarded himself as what he can purchase such a little expensive accessory for her.

He will feel happy, as if he is “Resourceful” man accordingly.

Girlfriend will be prettier, if she wears glitter ring and necklace.

Then, girlfriend looks happy, to get such an accessary.

Boyfriend will hope to come true any her request, to see girlfriend who looks happy.

In fact, even if it is difficult to give such an expensive jewelry, boyfriend will welcome selfishness which boyfriend can get girlfriend pleased as much as possible.

3. Tied down as “Don’t see other woman”

Girlfriend selfishness which boyfriend get pleased, sometimes includes small jealous.

Boyfriend feels like hugging girlfriend, while boyfriend says “OK, OK”, when girlfriend ties himself down to say “Don’t see other woman”.

“Don’t see other woman” means what girlfriend really loves boyfriend.

She wants to tie boyfriend down as she loves boyfriend.

Boyfriend regards her selfishness as prettier, because boyfriend understands her feeling.

Then, he will get satisfied, to feel her love for himself heavily.

Boyfriend would like to receive such a small selfishness, because he feels her sweet, when girlfriend does her best to tell “Don’t cheat me” or “Don’t never fail to go Blind date”.

Boyfriend sometimes wants girlfriend to say such a selfishness, while telling “All right, I will never go”.

4. Being asked “Travel during long holiday”

Boyfriend will get pleased when girlfriend asks “Travel during long holiday”.

Boyfriend feels like receiving her request more and more, because he can realize that girlfriend would like to manage to spend long holiday, which it is difficult to expect how many times they take in a year, with him.

Boyfriend will hope to manage to travel with her, even if it is difficult to make the schedule to travel, if girlfriend asks “Go to sea with you during summer vacation” or “Go to hot spring on New year day if possible.”

Boyfriend feels like responding her request, because girlfriend would like to spend with nobody but with himself, during valuable long holiday.

He would like to manage to make a schedule, although it may be not possible to make schedule because his business is busy in fact.

Then, he will feel glad to imagine to be possible to make good memory, if he can travel anywhere with girlfriend.

Long holiday is important for himself and girlfriend.

Such a selfishness, which she wants to spend with him during the vacation, will sounds very pretty “Request” for boyfriend.

Most of men prefers her selfishness

Even if other people regards “That is so selfish”, that is lovely and pretty girlfriend’s request for boyfriend.

Then, it should be spread moods, which just both can understand, between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Girlfriend’s selfishness, makes boyfriend feel happy, because he can regard her selfishness as “Token of love.”.