How to check whether he likes you or not?

Last update date:29th December 2017

If you want to ask a guy you like out, most of you will hope that the feeling is mutual.

No matter how much you like him, it is natural as a woman’s mind that you want to avoid the risks of being crushed.

Let me share with you how to check whether he likes you or not.

1.Ask him how he approaches someone he likes

Just casually ask him how he approaches a girl he has crush on.

If you get some answers from him, you can check whether he does the same things with you.

You also should tell him the ways of your approach and you do with him proactively.

It is a good idea to let him know you have crush on him.

If he is shy, that might encourages him to approach you proactively with confidence.

2.Put a pressure on him using false information

No matter how much he likes you, he may want to keep the current friendship without telling you his feelings or he may think he just waits for your action because he knows your feelings.

To let him make the next move, use false information.

For example, tell him “A boy asked me out, but I like another boy and he has never told me he likes me.

So I wonder if I should give him up and choose the guy who asked me out”.

If he recommends you that you do so, you should give him up.

Because if he has crush on you, he will absolutely stop you or tell you his feeling.

No matter how much comfortable he feels with the current situation, he can’t stand that a girl he likes will be somebody else’s.

3.Tell him that you want to see him

Tell him that you want to see him over the phone or email during the night.

If you don’t like him, there is no way to do so.

The important thing is you should try that during the nighttime.

During the night everyone feels sleepy, try that with pretending to be sleepy.

If he answers “Me too” or “Can I come to see you? ”, it is quite possible that the feeling is mutual.

If he doesn’t like you, he won’t answer so while he is sleepy and it is dark.

Even if he doesn’t answer as you expect, there is no problem.

You should just apologize casually next day that you didn’t mean it since you were sleepy at that time.

This will make you hurt less.

4.Ask him the only things he does for the person he has a crush on

Ask him what he can do for the only person he has a crush on and ask him to do so when he least expects it.

If you do so soon, it looks obvious to him that you like him.

This requires a little time, but it is a fairly certain way.

For example, he answered “I hold hands with the only one I have a crush on”.

After a while, ask him “Can I hold your hand?” Unlike the approach way, you need to take any action, but it is not easy for him to hold your hand unless he likes you since he told clearly once before that he holds a hand with the only person he likes.

If he looks worried, you can just laugh it off “Oh, I’m sorry, I heard you can do so with the only girl you crush on”.

5.Ask friends to help you

This is not the way you can check by yourself, but ask his or your friends for his feelings.

It is more suitable to ask his friends (especially the best friend if possible) than ask your friends since your friends are the opposite sex, he may feel strange.

If you are getting any signs that your crush likes you back, let the friend ask him how he feels about you to make sure.

This ways is the best for the person who can’t approach him or trick him since your heart is pounding.

Even if the result is not good, the friend let you know avoiding direst expressions.

This will also make you hurt less.

6.Ask him for something he cares about

Ask him to give you the item he cares about too much.

There is no way that he gives it to you unless he likes you.

Even if he likes you, he perhaps can’t give it to you.

But he may give you another thing if you are sulky.

If he has a crush on you, he can give something important to you or even if he can’t, he will act something so hard that you won’t hate him.

Of course, he isn’t interested in you, he only rejects your favor.

Even if he can’t give you his stuff, he may give the matching one to you.

It also makes you happy.

Because it is hard to understand that people want to have any matching item with the person whom he doesn’t like.

Check if the feeling is mutual to enjoy love life

Whichever way you choose, your heart is pounding and almost breaking.

But that makes you beautiful most.

As you just want to check if the feeling is mutual, even if you can’t get any positive response from him, he may become interested in you after he knows your feeling.

This moment will never come again.

Let’s try various ways to enjoy your love life with no regrets.