Why does the man put his hand to the woman’s waist?

Last update date:30th December 2017

Your heart may be beating fast, when the man put his hand to your waist.

Some women may bother “What does this mean?” because adhesion level is higher than other body touch.

Introduced why the man put his hand to the woman’s waist.

1.Hope to sex with the woman

The reason why the man put the band on the women’s aist, is because the man has an ulterior motive for the woman, and want to sex with the woman.

The man puts a hand to the woman’s waist, because he would like to make her understood without telling that directly.

Especially, the man should put the hands to the woman’s waist such as when they see the night view, they go to karaoke, or when they sit on the line.

If the woman does not stop being done by him, the man may ask whether he may goes to the room of the woman, or tries to kiss the woman.

It is recommended to show clearly to tell “I go back today” clearly when you don’t want to develop the relationship more than now with the man, or to tell “I, have a man who I want to go to date” to show that you don’t want to have romantic relationship with him clearly.

2.Regard the woman as being easy to sex

The man, sees everything including cloth, how to speak, Hairstyle, Make, Behavior.

The man often observes the woman who the man meets such as in blind date for the first time.

The man tends to put the hand to the woman, if the man regards the man as “Easy to sex with her”.

The man never put the hands to the woman’s waist, if the man regards the woman as difficult to sex.

You had better realize that the man regards you as easy to sex, if the man puts the hands to your waist in spite of you meet with the man for the first time, or you don’t still be a friend with the man.

Do you speak dirty joke without any care, or do you wear the cloth which revealing is high? It is recommended to review your looking or behavior, if you don’t regard yourself as easy to sex with.

If you have regarded yourself as easy to sex once.

It will be difficult to change the mind of the man.

Not to make yourself thought so, you had better take care of what you tell or whether you are well-groomed when you have an opportunity to meet with the woman such as in blind date.

3.Hopes to concern himself as the man

It is difficult for some men to be realized as the man by the woman because his height is low, his face is childish.

Some men having such a complex sometimes put the hand on the woman’s waist, because they would like to be realized as the man for them.

You may regard the man as the man who takes aggressive actions to differ from his impression .

The man will be pleased if you understand him, and you have compliment for the man’s mannish part.

It is recommended to have compliment, to find the mannish character, to judge from the story of the man by said “It is cool to play the soccer.”.

4.Hopes to show what the man has confident

Some men, put the hands on the woman’s waist also in front of many people.

You may feel surprised and shocked to be done body touch in front of many people.

Such a man feels that the man want to show confidence with him, by put the hands on the woman’s waist.

If he shows “what he has confidence” to the woman, some women, who likes aggressive man, or some women, who wants to be leaded by the man, have fallen in love with the man, although the man gives just body touch.

In the opposite, if you don’t like the aggressive man, you should ask the man to stop the hands to the waist, by went to Toilet.

5.Hopes what the woman feels

It is sometimes difficult to have more than friendly relationship, because you keep friendly relationship with the opposite sex, or you keep the relationship as the person who has started to work at the same timing.

At that time, the man measures what the woman thinks about the man, by put the hands to the women’s waist.

Please remind of this if the man takes such as action like above suddenly, although you and he have friendly relationship.

It is better to receive the man’s body touch, when you want to develop the relationship with the man to more than friendly relationship, or when you like the man.

It is recommended to be able to tell naturally what you think, by invited to go to date by your side.

6.Not interested in falling love with the woman

Most women require just pure romantic relationship, which has fallen love with each other, or hesitates to have complicated relationship including cheating or love triangle.

Some men, has no interest in the pure romantic relationship with the woman, although some men can have pure romantic relationship.

Some men put the hands to the waist, because some men would like to show clearly that the men have no interest in the pure romantic relationship.

You had better ask what kind of romantic relationship the man has, if it is not natural behavior for him such as to put the hands to the woman’s waist, or give you the body touch suddenly.

May ask the past romantic relationship.

The man may be accustomed to cheating or love triangle, the man may break up with the woman because of his cheating.

The man may have romantic relationship which is far away from the pure romantic relationship.

You had better not related to the man, and stop putting hand in the waist, if you are not interested in complicated romantic relationship.

Realize the reason why the man puts the hand to the woman’s waist

The man, who puts hand to the waist, regards the woman as more than friend, or has ulterior motive.

It does not matter if you have a favor for him, but if you dislike the body touch by the man, you had better make the man stop the behavior to put the hands to the waist without any standing immediately.

It is point to stop body touch by the man before escalating.