How to get a date. Let’s plan a smooth date schedule!

Last update date:31st December 2017

It is so exciting to go out on a date with your boyfriend.

We bet time just flies when you are with him.

So how does everyone decide when to have the next date with their boyfriend?

Here we will tell you what you can do.

1.Plan the next date while you are with him on a date

After having a great time on a date, it is hard to say good bye and you may feel sad.

So ask him out again and decide the date there and then.

That should make you feel better until the next time you see him.

Maybe you can ask him at the end of the date.

”When can I see you next?”- A cute question like that will make him want to find time for you.

The key is not to push it too hard.

He may really busy at work and cannot promise you any dates.

Just casually ask him the question.

2.Ask him out when you send him “thank you” LINE message/ text after the date

You must have had so much fun spending all day with each other.

Perhaps he took you out for a lovely meal?If that’s the case, send him a message to thank him after saying good bye.

And with that message, add what you want to ask him- the next date.

Nobody dislikes a sweet little message from a girlfriend like “Thank you.

I had a lovely time with you today.

”And with that message, saying “When can I see you next?” will make him want to see you again.

Even if he cannot decide the exact date, the feeling of “I want to see her again” will appear inside him .

Use the after-effect of the great date you just had, and get the next date.

3.Ask him when you send him a morning or good night message/ text

If you already say “Morning.” or “Good night.” to him by text everyday, why don’t you try asking him out for a date then?You can talk about it over the phone but there may be a chance that he cannot answer straight away and everything fades away.

It’s easier to get a reply with Facebook or a text.

If it is morning time, you can perhaps ask him out for a date with your nice and fresh morning message.

Something like “Morning. What a gorgeous day again today.Do you want to go out with me for a date this weekend?” should be easy enough for him to respond to.

If you are sending a message at nighttime, you can suggest a little more detailed plan.

He should have more time to read it properly.

Facebook text messages are recorded unlike a conversation over the phone.

Even if he can’t answer straight away, the message you left with him will keep reminding him that “I must reply to this soon”.

4.Ask him out before the weekend

When you want to plan a date, it is advisable to ask him before the weekend when you are both off.

You two are a couple so you SHOULD be spending time together when you are off work.

Say to him naturally ”Where shall we go this weekend?” If you ask him just before the weekend, he may have made another plan already.

So give him and yourself enough time to plan a date.

Maybe you can suggest what you can do on the date by saying something like ”Where shall we go? Let’s go have something yummy.” If there was no planning at all yet, he may think “I don’t know if I want to…” and feel indecisive.

You are his girlfriend so it’s normal to ask him “What shall we do this weekend?” Then suggest your plan casually.

And it will be easier for him to say yes to the date.

5.Ask him out for some event

When you haven’t seen him lately and you want to go out for a date, we recommend you to ask him out for an event- something he likes.

He may quickly agree to the date as he gets not only you, but also something he likes.

Sometimes guys cannot find some time for a date because of work.

It’s not because he doesn’t like her anymore.

If you keep asking him for a date when at time like that, he may find you annoying.

But surely he will be happy to go to an event that he likes, even he has been feeling a little lazy lately.

Why not go to an exhibition, a concert, or even a Hokkaido fair or a Ramen festival in a department stores?It should give you a better chance to get a date when he can enjoy both being with you and an event.

Let’s plan a date with your boyfriend.

How you decide when and what to do on a date vary amongst different couples.

It doesn’t matter what kind of couple you are, as long as you tell him your feeling “I want to see you” sincerely, you will be able to see him on a date with you.

Wait for a good time and just say “I want to see you” to him.

We are sure that he will come back to you with “When?” soon.