What does the dream be kissed mean (Oneiromancy). May change in romantic relationship

Last update date:29th December 2017

Although you dream that you are kissed, but the person, who kiss you, is beyond your expected.

Have you ever wondered why you dream such a dream?

It is possible to read desire and expectation hidden from the dream which unconscious is shown.

Please find the meaning of dream depending on the person who kissed you.

1. You want to come close to the person who you like

It is sometimes dreamed that you are kissed by the person, who you expect to come close to the person more.

It might be expected that it is foresight dream, if you have the same dream again and again, and the dream is closed to reality.

However, it is often opposite dream which it is the opposite result from reality.

You will usually to come close to the person more, you will usually feel like going steady with the person.

It might be expected that you have dream, because you realize that you never have steady relationship with the person, even if you hope strongly.

It might be better to think how to take actual approach, if you can’t give up.

2.Dream shows how you feel for the partner

The dream kissed by partner, often show the favor for the partner.

But please take care of what kind of kiss it is.

Gentle kiss, means that you feel gentle to the partner, you feel passion if it is emotional kiss.

The meaning of dream is different depends on the relationship with partner in reality.

It might be expected unsatisfied because you can’t come closed to the partner, although you keep a long relationship with the partner.

Let’s review the relationship with partner, if you feel lonely, and if you don’t go well with partner.

3.Dream shows guilty to hold secret

You still feel regret, if you are kissed by past lover.

It might be expected that you can’t still forget at unconscious level, even if you regard yourself as you already forget.

Such a dream points that you may have something circumstances which you can’t tell or you may have secret.

If you have dreamed such a dream although you have in romantic relationship currently, you had better draw the line after you confirm what about you feel.

Or, you may hope to go back to when you enjoyed a long time ago.

You regard ex-lover memory as impressive and miss.

You may feel something unsatisfied with current situation.

4.Favor and Longing for friend are shown

You will bewilder if you have a dream to be kissed from friend, although you should not be with romantic relationship with friend.

It is important, for this kinds of dream, depends on what you think when you are kissed.

You may feel a little concerned, if you feel glad or warm.

If you approach, it might start romantic relationship.

5.You are expected as being able to have romantic relationship with friend

It is highly expected that the friend feels concern secretly for you, if you are surprised if you are kissed from your friend in your dream.

It does not matter that you want to have romantic relationship with the friend.

But your friend may stalk you, if you show such as favor to your friend,

6.Your romantic relationship is expected to finish

The dream kissed by the same sex, shows that your love is not accepted, and your love from one-side is not achieved.

It is implied that you may have romantic relationship with other person, but the person kissed.

You understand truly that the desire is not come true, although you feel like not giving up.

It is sign to finish the relationship with the partner, if you are kissed by old person.

You might think that there is no sign at all because you have good relationship.

But it is expected to turn to finish the relationship because unexpected obstacle appears.

7.Show the desire which you want to take any distance with the partner.

You should fill with uncomfortable feeling, if you are kissed by disliked person even if it is dream.

This, is sign of what you would like to take any distance with the partner.

So, you don’t need not to worry, “Do I love although I regard the partner as disliked…?”.

Most of dream kissed show desire to hope to be close with the partner, but in this case it is the opposite from actual desire as opposite dream.

It is expected to be taken distance well also in reality.

8.Mean love lack up

If you are kissed by someone who you don’t know, and you have never met also in dream, it will be prepared nice encounter in the close future.

It is expected that someone feel fascinated with you, or there is someone who like you.

But, it is sign that you try to see the other person, if you dream although you have already had lover.

It is expected that you have already got tired of current partner, or your relationship has already been cold relationship.

Let’s check relationship for each other once again.

Know the meaning by the partner of kiss

It is expected to bewilder if you are kissed by unexpected partner, although it does not matter if person, who you like, or person with romantic relationship kiss you.

Basically, the dream of kiss mostly shows the feeling which you want to be closer with someone.

But it is often expressed desire and expectation by unexpected feature in the dream.

So, you should not accept what it is.

How to interpret the dream is different depending on romantic relationship status and feeling by the person who sees a dream.

But, it is necessary to be paid much attention if you are kissed by the different person in spite of you have the person with romantic relationship.