Why some men love to be scolded by women? Do they want motherly affection?

Last update date:31st December 2017

There are some men who love to be told off by a woman.

What is the psychology behind these men?Here we will tell you about this psychology.

1.He is looking for a mother-like woman

Men who like to be told off by a woman seek a high maternal instinct in her.

They are attracted to women who can tell them off softly, like a mother.

Especially a woman who is grounded, independent and mature is perfect for this type of men.

He would think, “she can scold me when I need or want to be scolded.”

But you must be careful if you are going to date this type of man, as the relationship can easily turn into a “mother and son” relationship, and not a very romantic one.

The more you scold him the more you grow a doubt about your relationship: “Are we together?”To prevent this situation from happening, try to avoid giving him a piece of your mind unless you really have to.

Instead, just give him a caution.

It is equally important to show him how you rely on him.

Once a man knows that a woman he loves relies on him, he will feel “I want her to rely on me more”, and naturally try his best without being scolded.

2.He wants to get rid of his stress by being told off

Men who like to be scolded are usually good at work, and are often in a position that they need to reprimand their subordinates.

This situation at work causes them stress.

To relieve the stress, these men wish to be told- just like what they did to their subordinates, but by a woman instead, and in private.

This type of man wants to role-play someone completely different in personal life for stress reduction.

There are many cases when women find so many gaps in men’s behaviour at work, and in private.

You can help your boyfriend relieve stress by telling him off properly, so why not try it?

The key is to say something firm but soft like “You are working too hard… I want you to look back on yourself sometimes.”

Being angry with him and scolding him is different.

He wants you to tell him off softly, but he doesn’t want you to be mad at him.

It may sound a little hard to find the right balance, but watch his reaction carefully, and find the perfect level of scolding for him.

If you can master this, he will think “She is the only one who can scold me in the way I want”, and stay with you forever.

3.He wants you to acknowledge his existence

Some men feel their existence by being told off by someone else.

Getting told off is an act of someone who cares about you.

So comments from a girlfriend such as “Don’t do things like that”, or “You are so needy.” can make him realise that his girlfriend truly cares about him, and they are real.

This type of men tends to be traumatised by spending his younger life feeling lonely; he did not get enough attention or recognition.

He may be constantly fighting with this fear that his girlfriend will also leave him.

If you ever find out that your boyfriend has a trauma, give him a hug, and tell him “I love you more than anything.

And there is no way that I will leave you, so please don’t worry”.

Give him something more cocooning than scolding.

Repeat this, and he will start to realise that you will be always there for him.

This will make him feel relieved and safe without needing to be told off.

It may take some time, but taking time for someone you love feel safer isn’t such a bad thing, is it?.

4.He just may be masochistic

Men who like to be scolded can be just really masochistic.

They cannot get satisfied without being told by a woman.

This type of men are very good at finding a sadistic woman who is quite sharp tongued to balance out their needs.

These men tend to get attracted to women with flinty eyes and a little harsh personality.

They have a desire: “I want her to stare at me with those eyes, and scold me”.

Sadistic women get satisfaction from scolding someone; what’s more, a masochistic man and a sadistic woman as a couple can often become inseparable.

Let’s find out the psychology behind the men who like to be scolded by a woman.

So, there it is.

Men who love to be told off by a woman tend to look for a motherly character in a woman.

If you are going out with this type of man, remember that you two are a couple, not a-mother-and-a-son.

You can keep your good relationship, as long as you remind him of the fact that “We are couple”, and give him a little nag every now and then.