Why does the man tell the woman for complain. Realize the reason why the man complain.

Last update date:27th December 2017

When the man tells the woman for complain, what do you think why the man complains? Especially, you may sometimes wonder “What is matter for him?” if he does not usually complain.

It is recommend to realize why the man tells complain for the woman, and to provide the response along the man’s feeling.

1.Want to depend on

The man often likes or depends on mother.

But it is hard to stay with mother forever in reality, and it is necessary to have someone instead of mother.

In the case of the man who speaks complaining or consulting for his mother, the number of opportunities to communicate with mother has been decreased after he starts to work, and then the other woman has a role instead of his mother.

If he relies on the woman, and authorizes as if she is mother, he treats her as his mother.

He complains and consults to the woman, and he depends on the woman.

It means he realizes himself as if when he was child.

The woman, who reminds of mother because of mild character, kind character, tolerance, tends to be regarded as the above.

The man sometimes misses his mother unconsciously, because he can’t depend on his mother after he grew up.

You had better authorize the evidence to be depended if the man says the complaints, and had better give him advise to pretend as mother,

2.Want to be accepted

When the man complains about his business, you can feel what he does not convince because he does not accept or deny.

For this, the man might complain, because he wants to be authorized “He does the best”.

The man wants affirmative words, if the man feels like being evaluated and being accepted what he does.

The man would like to make sure that he isn’t wrong, by said “You are right.” “ You really do the best” by the woman.

Such a supportive word is necessary, when he loses himself, or he does not know why he is existed.

The man can fight, and can have confidence in himself, by said by the woman who is affirmative for himself.

The number of complaining will be decreased little by little if you tell that you accept him even if it is not true.

He has lost his confidence, and he does not try to do his best, while spending day to be denied and criticized.

Please try to tell as affirmative as possible, to understand that he complains because he wants to be accepted.

3.Trust you

The man does not often complain for the opposite sex such as woman.

However, it is possible to say to be relieved whatever it is without any conscious, for the woman who he believes and opens his mind.

The man’s mind status, is as if “Relieved” “Reliablity” “Relax”, and he feels as if he is relieved.

It is difficult to say the complaining for the woman because most man would like to see himself as strong, or the man’s pride prevents.

However, the man does not hesitate to say what he thinks, if the woman is close to family for him.

It is good status without any appearance and pride, although you have to build reliable relationship perfectly with the man.

It is easy to say the complaints, which he hesitates to say, naturally, if the man feels relax, or get sense of freedom, such as when the man tends to say a lot of complaining in drinking.

It shows the status of mind as “I don’t warn you” “I really rely you”.

4.Want to be given a pep talk

Some men want you to be given a pep talk by told complaints, because he feels that he is weaker, or he feels that he does not fire up lately.

It is easy to fall feeling down to get lost for himself, when he can’t achieve the result, or he does not try to do the best.

He tries to inspire himself, by being given a pep talk by the woman who is weaker than me, or who is the opposite sex.

It is the best way to be said by the woman, to realize that he must be a dependable person as the man.

It is possible to say that the man would like to be given a pep, or to be urged.

It is more effective for such as the above man to use a little strong word such as “Try hard” “Mess around”.

It is better to change the method, to push him or urge him to do if he decides to do.

Realize the man’s state of mind to complain for the woman

Some feeling is hidden, when the man complains for the woman.

It is so hesitated matter to complain or consult for the woman, but the man tells you the complaints.

It means evidence to realize the limitation for something.

It is better to respond flexibility, to judge what he requires, or what he wants to be approached, from the man’s character or how to complain.