What are the characteristics of the men who like older ladies? Let’s find out this women’s type in men!

Last update date:30th December 2017

Recently more and more men prefer a woman who is older than they are.

There are couples with one or two years’ difference, or much bigger gaps in age.

Here we will talk about the characteristic in these men who find older women attractive.

1.They want equality in their relationship

Men who like older ladies tends to hope for the equality in the relationship.

When the girlfriend was the same age or younger, they feel that hey have to protect her and that becomes a pressure.

In that respect, older women think “I need to protect him because he’s only young” meaning both sides are feeling “the need for protection” which make them well balanced.

Because they are at the same level, they become like friends which keeps the good relationship going.

However, if the couple only pursue the equality, there are some cases in which it may make them apart and feel there is no point to be together.

If this is you, try relying on your boyfriend sometimes, or vice versa, and make an effort to create a romantic atmosphere to reassure you two are a couple, not friends.

You also find the older women tend to be more financially stable, thus men feel more comfortable getting married to them.

2.They are mostly the youngest children

Men who like older women tend to be the youngest child.

Men who are the youngest child were spoiled by a mother and sisters so they want to be also spoiled by a girlfriend.

So they find a woman with a younger brothers attractive.

Women with a younger brothers are caring and kind so they are ideal for men who love to be spoiled.

He is good at being cute and she is smitten by his cuteness thinking “Aww I want to protect him.” so yes, it’s a perfect match.

But if he becomes too dependent, she will find it too much and annoying.

If he overdoes it, she will end up becoming his mother.

In this case, she will need to rely on him for something, anything.

There is no way a guy feel bad about his girlfriend finding him reliable.

Just don’t say mean things to him, like “Why can’t you be more reliable.

?” or he will get sulky.

Play it smart and say something sweet, like “You are going to look so cool doing this for me.” instead.

Then praise him.

He will gradually become a better man on his own by trying to please you.

3.Their exes were the same age or younger

Men who like older women may have had younger exes and experienced the situations where they couldn’t talk about their worries because they felt responsible for taking charge in their relationships.

For that reason, they feel much less pressured with a maturer woman as there is no need to lead by themselves.

He may finally find true happiness in falling in love and be comfortable, and he will respectably look after her.

Therefore, there are many couples who will cross the goal line.

4.They like sexy ladies.

Men with a taste for older women love their busting femininity, created by confidence.

These men want the confidence and attitude which are unique to the maturer women, and not the literal sexiness like a low-cut top or skimpy skirt.

They say that they love being talked to with a light touch on a shoulder by a woman in a uniform or a suit.

5.They want tolerance

Men who like older women may never being pampered for many reasons.

They may just want to be indulged by her.

Older women are so tolerant that they can listen to his needs, even if it was a little embarrassing favor like “Can you hold my hand while we sleep?”, which will make him feel “I have finally met someone who loves and pampers me.”, so he will treat her right.

Let’s find out the characteristics of the men who love older women

So that was it.

These men want a mother-like woman who can provide them with comfort.

And these women see their guy as “the cute and adorable”, and that’s why there in an increase in the number of these couples.

He may be a little unreliable at times, but there seem to be many women find this process of making their man more enjoyable and fun.