Why does people touch neck or throat? Why does people put hands on neck or throat?

Last update date:30th December 2017

Most people, who touch neck or throat, touch unconsciously.

The person touches the neck and throat casually while everyone does not take care.

As soon as people take care of the habit once, they would take care of the habit.

Introduced why people touch the neck or throat, on this time.

1.Try to feel calm down

People, who touch the neck or throat, try to feel calm down because he feels impatient.

The person may face something status being beaten heart.

Or does the person feel something horrible? There is significant blood vessel in the neck.

People, who touch the neck or throat, confirm the status in blood vessel instinctively, and try to manage to feel calm down.

Or, people feel hot because of nervous and horrible feeling, so people try to cool down as much as possible by touched neck or throat.

Touched behavior makes himself or herself feel relieved naturally.

It is easy section to touch because Surface area in the neck or throat is the biggest of the place to have the big blood vessel.

So, it is convenient place for the person to make their feeling calm down.

If there is someone to touch neck or throat unconsciously around you, they may try to feel calm down because they feel impatient against something.

2.Have a favor for the person in front of the person who touches the neck or throat

Especially it is true to the woman, but the woman has a favor to the man in front of the woman, if she sometimes touches the neck or throat while having conversation with the man.

Neck or throat for woman, means feminine slender and beautiful impression, because there is no adam’s apple to differ from the man.

In addition, neck and throat is the place to continue collarbone clavicle to make feel sex appeal.

Throat or neck makes feel fascinated which the man does not have.

The woman shows openness for the man, if the woman touches the neck or throat while having conversation with the man.

It also means to introduce “I can sex with you today”.

The man, who sees the moving, is tossed about by seen moving her hand around her face, and the man sees that the woman touches the neck or throat, Then, the man is attracted by the woman unconsciously.

It is not necessary to appeal by word, but you have only to touch the neck or throat by hands moving if you want to appeal surely but secretly for the man.

If there is opportunity to talk with the man who you like, please try this during the conversation.

Sex appeal will be increased, if you touch the neck or throat while saying “It is hot” in summer.

3.Voice condition is always bad

Some people, who touch the neck or throat, have bad condition related to voice in fact.

Some people happen to have bad voice condition.

But some people always have bad condition although people do not catch a cold.

The man changes voice apparently after the voice change during growth period.

But the woman does not have voice change.

But as the woman grows up, the voice condition is altered in fact.

The voice condition has been changed by determined period even if after the person is adult.

It is not clear voice change for the woman to compare to the man, but it is said to be chronical voice change changed more and more.

The voice has been changed due to growing up, if you feel that you can’t sing by the higher voice, although it is possible to sing in the past in Karaoke, or your voice turns a little hoarse recently although the voice was clear in the past.

It is difficult to understand because the voice changes alter step by step.

People under such a situation, touch the voice or neck to feel something wrong, feel that the voice condition is always bad.

It is difficult to cope with, because this happens as growing up.

4.Because of Dullness

People, who touch the neck or throat, feel dullness.

Such a people tend to touch neck or throat to close that, because people feel that the shoulder or neck is heavy due to the stress which the person would not do anything.

Such a people try to refresh or stretch by touched the neck or throat.

In addition, such a people show the attitude, which the person does not try to because of dullness, by touched the neck by hand unconsciously.

Dullness often shows not only hand behavior but also face expression.

So you can realize what the person feels easily.

It is not good to show such a posture apparently, but people, who can’t feel dull without touching neck or throat, may require a little rest.

Realize what the people, who touch neck or throat, feel

People, who touch the neck or throat, displays the feeling what they would like to be understood how they think basically.

Such a people touch the neck or throat under the face, hope to be understood the meaning at the bottom of the his heart, by seen by many people.

It is shown minutely also in the face expression or other attitude.

If there is people who touch neck or throat frequently around you, it is recommended to consider what such a people want to appeal.