Why does the man want to touch the neck for the woman?

Last update date:30th December 2017

Have you tasted to feel beat in your heart because your boyfriend touches your neck suddenly?

It is natural to be surprised to be touched neck because touched neck is seldom seen, although it is natural to touch shoulder when there is something to ask.

Introduced why the man wants to touch the neck for the woman, on this time.

1.Hopes to tell love simply

It is usual that the man does not have much opportunity to touch someone daily to compare to the woman.

Especially the man feels careful to touch the woman.

It is true that the man would like to touch the woman having favor, and the man would like to touch the girlfriend especially.

It is no doubt that the man takes action bravely, if he touches the woman.

The man never touches the woman’s neck as far as the man does not have a favor for the woman.

So, it is highly expected to touch because the man has pure affection.

2.Rehearsal to touch the above neck

It is very difficult for the man, who is not accustomed to body touch, to touch cheek suddenly, touch hair, stroke the head.

As the man likes the woman, the man hesitates to be disliked by the woman.

The man has no choice being taken careful to touch the above neck.

Or some people does not feel hesitated to be touched hand or shoulder, because it is possible to depend on the situation even if the person has no favor.

Under such a circumstance, it is impossible to touch boob or hip.

However, many people consider not to be resisted to touch neck, to compare to face.

In addition, there is no opportunity to touch the neck for the woman actively.

Some people consider to touch the neck at first, before touching the face.

The man tries to touch quite bravely to be opposite from the apparent, because favor is sure to be expressed.

You can have good relationship with the man after touched, if you have never been touched the face or hair.

3.Easy to touch, see positionally

Generally, the man is taller than the woman.

Some couple to have more than 30cm height difference can be sometimes seen.

It is neck to be easy to see related to the woman body, if the man is taller.

Especially it is often seen if each other sit down.

Some people do not feel calm down without touching anything, if the man feels nothing to do.

If so, the man wants to touch the neck which is close to him.

For example, when you see the movie to sit down at the couch at home with boyfriend, it might be expected that he thinks to have nothing to do, if he touches the neck by putting his arm.

It is often seen in the couple to have long romance relationship to some extent, to compare to the couple to have short romance relationship.

But the man has never taken such an actions without any affection, this also included in a kind of affection.

4.Interested in the difference between the man and the woman

The man tends to have interest in the body feature, which the man does not have such as waistline, boob or back waist waistline for the woman.

Especially neck or adam’s apple appears the difference between the man and the woman.

In addition, the woman’s neck is thinner than the man’s neck, and that makes the man much interest.

So, it is possible for the man to think “The woman’s neck is such thin” when the man touches the neck.

5.Like nape

The man feels sex appeal into nape for the woman.

This is always said anytime.

It is natural for the man to feel sex appeal, to see neck, especially nape, because Kimono used to be main stream in Japan.

Most men, requires girlfriend to wear Yukata in summer festival also currently.

It means that the man feels like feeling unusual, and the man feels like seeing the nape of girlfriend, by worn the old fashion style which it is no longer seen now.

So, some men feel like touching because the man likes nape, if he touches back nape.

6.Like collarbone

If nape is sex appeal behind, collarbone can be said sex appeal at front.

Collarbone is sex appeal because the number of the woman who wears plunging cloth is increasing, to be different from the nape.

So, the recently, the number of the man, who feels sex appeal in the line of collarbone for the woman, has been increasing.

More brave is necessary for the man to touch the front side especially in neck.

So, it makes sure that the man likes you, if he touches the neck or around neck.

Realize why the man wants to touch the neck of the woman

Introduced why the man wants to touch the neck of the woman.

Some person are good at body touch for the woman who the man does not have romantic relationship.

But almost of the man can’t touch the neck of the woman who he does not take care.

If boyfriend touches your neck for the first time, the man really likes the girlfriend while having brave to touch her.

It is evidence to be really accepted you, if the person to have long relationship touches such a part in daily.