When men are stars trucked with their girlfriends,what kind of actions they do ?

Last update date:30th December 2017

There are certain actions that men only do towards women that they like.

Especially in the case that you are in relationship they will act differently if they are head over heels in love with you.

I will introduce what kind of actions men do when they are stars trucked with their girlfriends.

1.When they’re girlfriend is talking they listen happily

When the girlfriend is just talking about what they did yesterday, they want to go somewhere to travel, or just chatting the boyfriend listens happily and stares at his girlfriend.

This is something that the male will do.

Men gazing at their girlfriend, is a representation of them wanting to see many aspects of their girlfriend’s expression.

It might be embarrassing to be stared at so much, but the boyfriend probably loves seeing all aspects of his girlfriend.

Again, if they like them too much if they’re girlfriend is just talking happily than they’ll unconsciously look happy as well.

2.They smile when talking about they’re girlfriend

When they’re asked what kind of person they’re girlfriend is by a friend, if they talk about they’re girlfriend while thinking about her, they’re faces will smile when talking about them.

Dads that talk about they’re children also smile right? When you talk about the one you love, they’re probably thinking “—(girlfriend’s name) is so adorable”.

3.They give you anything you want

The action that they do when they don’t want to be hated, or wanting to do anything for their girlfriend is showering them with presents.

When the girlfriend that they love so much wants something you probably want to do anything to have it.

Men work hard so they can see the smile on their girlfriend’s face when they give it to them.

4.Even when they walk they keep looking at their girlfriend

On a date when they’re walking, the girlfriend is doing window shopping and looks ahead.

Yet, men that love their girlfriends, as if they were their bodyguards will look at their girlfriends to see what they’re looking at, or if there is any danger.

There may be some women that may think they’re over worrying when they’re just walking.

Other than just walking, they may give their opinion as if they’re your parents because they love you too much.

There are some men that hold their girlfriend’s bags, there are both sides of opinions about this.

From the opposed they feel like they aren’t their boyfriends but servants.

There is the opinion that if you make your boyfriend do that, you are just making them a convenient boyfriend.

From those that agree, it helps when they’re bags are heavy.

Those that won’t let them hold their bags, but if they ask if they want them to hold it, it makes them happy.

5.They often compliment them that they’re pretty or cute

When you’re having tea together and they say “you’re dress is cute today.

When you’re talking together they say “— (girlfriend’s name) is cute”, or during your date they keep on complimenting you, the boyfriend finds they’re girlfriend pretty every time they see them so they naturally compliment them.

They also are aware that women like to be complimented, so they want to make them happy.

There are some people that may question whether or not they actually think that, but men are creatures that suck at lying so take the compliment gratefully.

6.They always talk about their girlfriend

There are people among your friends or co-workers that are always talking about their girlfriends aren’t they?Those types of men value their girlfriend the most in their private life.

So, they’re always spending their day off with their girlfriend, making their conversations all about their girlfriend.

They want to brag about their girlfriend.

If your boyfriend’s friend tells you that your boyfriend is always talking about you, it’s evidence that they’re head over heels in love with you.


7.They know what they’re girlfriend likes

They are many men that tend to forget things, but they don’t forget what they’re girlfriend likes, or men that research is proof that they love their girlfriend.

By being able to share the things you enjoy the male will also be able to have fun, and the female will also be happy.

Again, if it’s about your interest the conversation will take off.

Boyfriend that are are star struck by their girlfriend will want to make them happy so they’ll give them presents of their favorite things, movies, books even research it.

They’ll remember their favorite foods and take them to a restaurant.

8.They’ll contact you often

Of course they’ll contact you in the morning and night, and ask what they’re doing right now, because they just want to know what they’re girlfriend is doing.

On their day off, going home from work what comes to their head is their girlfriend.

There are people that might be happy, or those that think it’s clingy, but contacting them to ask what they’re doing, or if they want to go out will make your boyfriend happy.

Find actions of people that are head over heels in love with their girlfriend and become even more lovey dovey

Because they’re head over heels in love, there is a side to them that they’ll only show their girlfriend.

If you talk about your boyfriend with someone that knows him well they may tell you that they’ve never seen that side of him before.

It means that they’re head over heels in love with you so they’ll only show that side to you.

The secret to having a long lasting relationship is making an effort so that your boyfriend will love you.