How to differentiate the different types of male’s “like”? Know if men are looking at you as a friend or romantically

Last update date:30th December 2017

There’s no mistake in that my guy friend likes me.

But I don’t know if that’s as a friend, or in a romantic way, in other words as a woman.

Do you ever have these types of situations so that you don’t know how to act?With that said, we are going to introduce how to differentiate the different types of male’s “like”.

1.When it’s the two of you it becomes awkward

If, the guy is talkative in front of everybody, but suddenly becomes quiet when it’s the two of you, or if you feel like your conversations are going in circles, then it’s proof that he likes you as a woman.

When people talk to those that they romantically like, anyone will get nervous.

So, unless they are very used to women, then when they talk to a woman that they romantically like privately, they will act differently.

But, if it’s a woman that they aren’t very fond of, they will also change their attitude.

If that’s the case then they’re behavior in front of a crowd should be different as well, so make sure you can tell the difference.

With that being said, if they’re attitude doesn’t change whether it’s just a two of you, a group of people than you should probably assume that they like you as a friend.

2.Worrying differently

When a friendship blossoms that overcomes the gender barrier, you stop being conscious about their gender.

But, in the case that you have romantic feelings for the other, you will always be conscious of the fact that they are a woman, you will begin to worry about them as the opposite gender and it will become to show.

For example, if they worry about you walking home late at night, they way they care for you when you are sick is different from they way they treat men.

Lastly, if they have romantic feelings for you, they’ll want to do anything they can for you.

These types of feelings will become to appear, so they’ll do things that is more than just a co-worker or friend, that might make you think it’s a little too much.

In this way, if they are worried about you as the opposite sex, then there is a high possibility that they like you as a woman.

In the case that they do like you as a friend, then they’ll begin to treat you as their guy friend, or when they are worried about you it’ll be one that is natural as a human being.

Of course, even if they like you as a friend, if it is a feminine guy, then they’ll worry about you as a woman.

But, they’ll make sure that you’ll know it’s as a friend so they be careful in over-worrying about you.

3.Their attitude when you are friendly with other guys

One of the biggest difference between just a friend and romantically liking someone is whether or not they are jealous.

For example, if they consider you just as a friend, even if you are friendly with other guys or begin to date other guys they won’t think anything of it.

But, if they do have a crush on you, when you are close or friendly with other men, it is natural for them to have jealously.

It’s told that it’s harder for men than women to be jealous, but if it’s just a cute level of “get jealous” than men that one-sided like you will have it as well.

If they see you being friendly with other men and suddenly become cold, or silent than they probably like you.

They probably are panicking that the woman that they like might be taken away.

If a male that may like you is suddenly cold to you, think back if you were friendly with any guys recently.

If you do have a situation in mind, then you’re probably right in thinking that it’s attitude that arose from jealousy.

4.Their attitude towards your female friends

If they do like you as a woman, than the opposite of earlier, he will be careful so that other women don’t think that he likes them.

For example, he consciously not be friendly with other women in front of you, or not to talk about other women in front of you.

So, when you bring a female friend to meet with him, he’ll act like he doesn’t have interest in them.

He’ll greet them, but won’t do anything above the minimum, like excessively flirting with them.

He’ll make sure that you won’t feel anything bad, and make sure to protect your feelings through his attitude.

If he did like you just as a friend, then he won’t do anything with jealously.

He’ll be nice to your friends, and compliment them without any hesitation.

Your friends will be to him, a friend of a friend, so there is no meaning for him to be nice or be overly conscious about anything.

Know if men are looking at you as a friend or romantically

I’ve introduce 4 ways to see if men see you as a friend or a woman.

Of course, it’s hard to differentiate if it’s just a shallow interest.

You also never know when a feeling of friendship turns into romantic, so these ways aren’t perfect.

But, if you want to know how he feels, then why not give these a try.