What does “Dream of Earthquake” mean? It isn’t always bad.

Last update date:30th December 2017

An earthquake dream, is typically representing that your relationship with your family or friends will suddenly change and there is danger approaching.

Yet it’ll be crucial to not panic at the new change, and rationally handle it.

When you encounter an earthquake in your dream, if it be you yourself are saved, or die actually holds a good meaning I will introduce what dreams about earthquakes hold according to the situation.

1.Why you see dreams about earthquakes

As mentioned before, dreams about earthquakes represent a big sudden change in the environment around you.

Therefore, in the case that you are living a fulfilled live it is a prophesying that the future isn’t looking bright for you.

Contrary to that, if you are worried because things aren’t going so well for you, it shows that a bright future is ahead of you.

Yet, dreams about earthquakes aren’t that simple, as there are many different patterns, think carefully about each meaning.

Even if it’s a earthquake dream, depending on the experiential dreams afterwards, and though it is rare prophetical reams about earthquakes aren’t in the category of dream fortune telling.

2.Dreams where you are saved despite the earthquake

In the case that an earthquake occurs but there is no damage towards you, then it is a prophesy that your work or studies will go well.

The more that you put effort into it, you will be able to overcome the big wall in front of you.

This also includes the possibility that you will find a new goal in life, a new development in relationships.

These types of earthquakes dreams are said to be lucky.

In other words, dreams where earthquakes occur but you are safe are dreams that represent that you will have a opportunity to grow in the future.

So, if you see these types of dreams don’t be scared, don’t hold back in working more just because it’s hard.

Make it something where many fruits will blossom, press forward strongly towards your new goal in life.

3.Meaning in the place where the earthquake occurred as well

Earthquake dream’s meanings also change depending on where it occurred.

In the case that the earthquake occurred inside your house, it represents trouble with the home, or change.

There are cases that if you don’t act upon it it will become a big deal.

Even if there is trouble that occurs after seeing the dream, it’s important that you put in the effort to be able to fix it and face the issue.

Dreams where you house collapses due to the earthquake, is a prophecy that danger is approaching to someone in your family.

Be careful of accidents, and if there is someone that is sick I recommend that you take them to the hospital to get it checked.

Whatever the case is, if you act quickly you’ll be able to prevent great danger that will come upon your family.

4.Dying in a earthquake dream is good news

Dreams such where you die in a earthquake, you make think is bad omen, but in actuality it hold good meaning.

Other dreams that have death in it also applies, but it death means that something has ended and something new is about to begin, so it isn’t bad omen.

Dreams to where “death” is emphasized, whether it be you or other animals, it’ll show a new division in your life.

It represents going into a new school, getting a new job and having your environment change, or change has come different to the life that you have lived so far.

So, don’t be sad just because you see a dream where you die.

It’s a dream that holds the meaning of being able to start again in a new environment and is lucky dream.

5.Dreams where earthquakes cause Tsunamis

Dreams about tsunamis due to earthquakes, mean both good and bad luck.

The dream itself about the Tsunami, means that there is sudden change in your lifestyle.

Therefore, people that have been doing well at work may get in a rut, or struggle with human relationships.

On the other end, people that feel that don’t feel blessed both financially or work wise, show that you should have hope that a new life will begin.

Even in dreams about Tsunamis, if you are able to escape to a high place, or if you are engulfed in the Tsunami it is a lucky dream.

I think you can understand it being a good dream if you are able to escape, but even in a dream where you die as written before it hold the meaning of a new beginning in your life.

Generally consider dreams where you die, as a turning point in your life.

Depending on your amount of effort it will greatly change.

6.Dreams about earthquake warnings

You see dreams about earthquake warnings because you are worried about a changing point in your life.

So to speak, rather than think about the meaning about dreams about earthquake warnings, think about the situation that you have been put in.

If it’s a big thing, such as having to live on your own, going to a new school, getting a new job, things that your life will greatly change, than that worry will likely come out in your dream.

In these such cases, think about what are you worried about, or what you can do to fix it.

Of course, it’s okay to talk about it with your friends and family.

Regardless of what you do, this dream will tell you that your life is about to take a turning point.

Instead of being scared, actively try to move forward.

Meanings about earthquake dreams aren’t always bad

When it’s dreams about earthquakes, you tend to think about all the bad meanings, but in the cases that you are able to run away or even the opposite, you dying are actually lucky dreams.

These aren’t all completely right, but utilizing these type of fortune telling dreams to act may be in your favor.