What does “Haircut Dreams” mean? It might forecast a big change for you(Oneiromancy)

Last update date:29th December 2017

It’s told that we see dreams every day, but the amount we remember is only a part of it.

Dreams are told to show our mental state, or prophesy.

The stronger we remember a certain scene, the stronger the indication.

It’s almost always stress and worries that you haven’t realized on your own and are piling up.

So, it’s a great opportunity when you remember your dream to find out your current mental state, or look towards what might occur through the prophesy.

By doing so, your lifestyle will become more enjoyable and abundant.

For this article we will be looking at “Haircut Dreams” and it’s meaning and deep psychology.

1.Wanting to run away from reality

The action of cutting your hair is showing your desire of wanting to change reality.

You have problem that you are facing.

You have to hurry and be rid of it, wanting to cut your hair and feel better of it is shown in your dream.

If you failed to cut your hair, didn’t want to cut your hair and cut it, than it shows your feeling of wanting to forget it or worry is strong.

If on the other hand, the dream is you cut your hair and feel good about it, it isn’t a bad dream either.

If you have a good feeling about cutting your hair, it’s told that it’s a prophesy about a big change coming.

You want to be able to handle that situation, and be prepared both mentally and physically.

2.The end of romance.

It’s often told that women cut their hair when they have their heart broken.

It’s the same for a dream.

Meaning you want to be rid of your love.

Do you ever have a time when you are conflicted whether or not to break it off, or your relationship isn’t going well? When you have a dream where you are glad that you cut your hair it might be an advice that it is better to break it off.

If it’s a dream where you regret it, than it might suggest to rethink breaking it off, or he might suddenly break it off.

To a woman, hair is almost as important as their life, so it’s a high possibility that a big change concerning your relationship will come to pass.

3.Both mental and physically healthy.

We tend to be focused on just the hair, but cutting your hair is connecting to wanting to fix part of your body, your head.

Wanting to fix your head that has the knowledge and signaling function to move your body, shows that your body is in great condition.

So, having a dream about cutting your hair might be sign from your bodying that you are healthy.

When you wake up if you feel better go and move your body when it’s in good condition.

Maybe if you start a sport, go on a walk, running you’ll be able to see that your body is in better condition.

4.Wanting to posses another person

In actuality cutting someone else’s hair is a completely different meaning than cutting your own hair.

For example, if you are cutting the opposite sex’s hair it shows that you are wanting to possess that person.

The action of cutting their hair is showing your deep psychology of wanting to have their freedom for your own.

If it’s someone that you don’t like, it shows your desire of wanting to make their power even a little bit weaker.

You just want to be feel better even if it’s just in your dream.

When cutting another person’s hair, depending on who it is, it changes quite a bit.

Cutting someone’s hair with your own hands shows that you want to make someone parallel to you.

5.It’s difficult to move and it’s suffocating.

The meaning changes depending on the situation of the hair being cut.

For example, if someone cuts your hair quite short, or if they cut in a way that you can’t even imagine, it shows the situation that you are under someone’s control making it difficult to move that it’s suffocating.

Are you suffering from relationships from work, lover, friends, or people around you? Wanting to be rid of the stress of this hard situation, you will see this type of dream.

Even if you think that it doesn’t apply to you, in reality you might be sending out a SOS without realizing it.

Before the stress that you are holding explodes, look at your current self.

The symbol of cutting your hair, might forecast a big change for you

The hair is such a big part of you, that you can even say that it is a symbol of yourself.

Cutting such a thing is a symbol of wanting a change for yourself, or a prophecy of a big change.

But, I have come to know that depending on the person that cut your hair, the person that your cutting, or the situation afterwards it changes the meaning greatly.

Also, besides cutting it, washing it, styling it, depending on the situation many different meanings will be added as well.

Looking at the deep psychology of your dreams is a good chance of looking at your current relationships with people around you.