What Does It Mean to Have Quitting Job Dream? Premonition Dreams or A Sign of The New Beginning?

Last update date:29th December 2017

Have you ever thought about the meaning of dreams you vaguely remember when you wake up? If you have good dreams, you would feel encouraged.

However, when you have bad dreams, you would wake up feeling unpleasant in the morning.

When you have quitting job dream, what does it mean?

1. Premonition Dreams

Premonition dreams are what we have seen in dreams actually happens in waking life.

When you have a specific dream like quitting your job, it is possible that it is a premonition dream.

Maybe, in the near future, you may leave your current job for a new one.

In the back of your mind, have your ever felt dissatisfaction with your current job? Your dream may be revealing your dissatisfaction with your current position.

It may be a good time to think about yourself and your current job.

There is also a tendency to have quitting job dream when the reality of your job is far from ideal.

If you are thinking about keeping your job, you should talk to someone about your concerns and dissatisfaction.

Are there any coworkers who have same kind of dissatisfaction with their job? Let’s talk about it and help each other.

Blow off some steam and good luck with your job.


A Sign of Marriage

Some people happily retire from their work for upcoming marriage.

When you have quitting job dream, it could be a sign of marriage.

If you are dating, you may be proposed in the near future.

Even if you do not have a boyfriend now, you will meet someone who could lead you to a marriage.

Someone special may be waiting for you, so you should actively participate group blind dates and drinking parties.

Blinds dates and drinking parties are not only places to meet a nice guy.

You might meet him at work, or he could be a friend from college.

Be prepared to meet your future husband anytime and pay attention to how you look and how you behave more than ever.

Even when you want to continue working after getting married, you may have quitting job dream when there is a sign of marriage.

You should thoroughly examine if you will be in the right place after getting married.


Feeling You are Stuck in Your Job

When you feel that you are at a dead end at work, you may have quitting job dream.

Have you hit a wall at work? Is there anybody who can help you? Look around you carefully.

If you feel that you are stuck in your job and cannot move forward, you should find someone to talk to.

There must be someone at work who knows well about your position and understands your issues at work.

Your coworker may have had the same kind of problems like you do right now.

The sooner the better you talk to someone if you feel stuck in your job.

It is a good idea that you should talk to your coworkers the day you have quitting job dream.

Don’t keep it to yourself.

Find someone to talk to before the problem gets out of hand.


Falling into A Workaholic

A workaholic is a person who works compulsively, and when you fall into a workaholic, you may have quitting job dream.

How is your work-life balance? Do you go out sometimes? It may be a good idea to take some time off from work and travel to refresh yourself.

It is all about keeping a balance.

We cannot live only with work.

It is important to get some rest sometimes.

Do you rest your mind and body on weekends? You need to recharge your mind and body.

If you spend weekends in bed because you are too tired, you need to recharge your mind.

Let’s find a hobby that you can be enthusiastic about.

Even if you always go out on weekends, it is also important to recharge your body.

It may be a good idea to have a relaxing day at home sometimes.

Quitting Job Dream May Be Implying The Beginning of A New Life

Quitting job dream is an alarming dream since it could actually happen.

For those who are thinking about changing jobs or those who are about getting married, quitting job dream means the beginning of a new life.

You should take a new step with confidence.

For those who want to keep the current job, on the other hand, the dream could be implying that you feel trapped at work or you are working too much.

Listen to your mind and body.

Dream is a message from yourself on an unconscious level.

You should not worry too much.

However, if the dreams you have had get stuck in the back of your mind, you should take it as a message from yourself.