What made him say “I love you”?

Last update date:29th December 2017

Compared to “I like you”, “I love you” means a lot and people don’t say it often, so you might be confused as well as happy when your boyfriend says to you “I love you“ suddenly.

But have you ever thought what made him say “I love you”?

1. To please you

When people want to hide something from someone, they tend to please him / her as they don’t want to be found.

This happens when you are in relationship.

Men sometimes upset women by saying or doing something nice for other women, such as fancying idols, looking at other women when they are with their girlfriends.

When men upset their girlfriends, they sometimes tend to say “I love you” which means “I”m sorry for upsetting you and you are the only one for me.”In this case, men feel guilty for what they have done or said and says “I love you” just to make her feel better.

It means they say “I love you” to smooth over their own attitude, and it is hard to say that it means a lot.

2.His feeling for you is getting stronger

When the feeling for a girlfriend is getting stronger and the feeling is more than “I like you”, “I love you” is used to express the feeling.

It is true that people don’t say often “I love you”, and most of men find it difficult to say “ I love you” as it means a lot.

Therefore it means you are special to him when your boyfriend says to you “I love you” as his feeling for you is big and strong.

He wouldn’t say “I love you” if you are not special.

If your boyfriend don’t say “I love you” often but suddenly says so to you, it means he feels for you a lot.

3.He wants you to stay with him

Some men say “I love you” even when their feelings for their girlfriends are not that strong.

In this case, they say “I love you” as they don’t want their girlfriends to leave them and feel anxious as they think that the girlfriends might leave them.

This usually happens to the men who tend to control their girlfriends, and they tend to think that their girlfriends might leave them unless they say “I love you”.

In this case, men know that they are just saying the phrase to stay in a relatioship.

As you know, the couples who have been married for a long time don’t often tell each other how much they care for each other.

When you are sure that you are loved or love your partner, you don’t express the feeling so often.

Some people say “I love you” to make sure if the partners stay with them when they can’t get enough attention from the partners and feel anxious.

In this case, your boyfriend just feels anxious.

4.He wants you to say “I love you”

Speaking out your feelings is very important to make sure how you feel each other.

If you don’t say anything or your partner doesn’t say anything, it is hard to know how you feel each other.

Some people find it difficult to express their feelings for their partners.

Many women are too shy to say “I love you”.

But men want their partners to express their feelings and they think they need to say first to let the partners speak out.

In this case, your boyfriend says “I love you” so that he can hear your saying “I love you” as well.

He wants to know how much you feel for him and wants you to say “I love you”.

Even if you are not at good at expressing your feelings, try expressing them sometimes.

Otherwise your boyfriend starts feeling sad.

It might be a good idea to think about how to express your feelings and practice how to say.

5.He wants your attention

You might have an experience which you try getting attention from your partner when you don’t feel it.

When you want to get attention, you might come up to the idea that you tell your partner how much you like him.

“Love” is more strong than ‘like” as a word and it is a good way to say “I love you” when you want to get the partner’s attention.

When you can’t see each other as both of you are busy or you can’t have time to see you as you are busy with something else, and it is obvious that he wants your attention if your boyfriend says “I love you”.

In this case, he says ‘I love you” just to get you attention.

You need to pay attention to the men who keep saying “I love you”

“I love you” has a lot of hidden meanings.

Sometimes it means simply that “I love you” but sometimes it shows your boyfriend’s anxiety or it smooths over his attitude.

It is very rare to hear or say “I love you” in Japan, it means this is the most important phrase to show how much you feel for someone.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the men that keep saying “I love you”.