Why does the boyfriend tell you “Pretty”. Receive what he says genuinely, and improve femininity more

Last update date:27th December 2017

Most women are pleased, if they are said “Pretty” by boyfriend.

However, you sometimes feel as if it is a lie, when your boyfriend says “Pretty, pretty” frequently to you.

In addition, he does not say any longer while you have been romantic relationship for a long time, although he often said at the beginning of romantic relationship.

It depends on the couple how “Pretty” is used.

However, most women will want to know why the boyfriend says “Pretty” generally.

Introduced why boyfriend says pretty to you.

1.Simply because you are pretty

It is simple reason, but this reason is mainly applied.

Because the boyfriend simply feels pretty to see the woman, who he likes, makes herself fashionable and more prettier for him.

For example, his heart is beaten if the woman makes strong makeup or wears fashionable cloth unlike usual when she goes to date with him.

Because, he realizes that she takes a time to be fashionable to prepare for the date with him.

From man side, “Pretty” is the best word to show compliment for the woman.

“Pretty” is the best word if he would like to tell that girlfriend is fascinated as woman, because the boyfriend thinks that every women gets pleased as long as “Pretty” is said.

And, “Pretty”, means the affection shown for girlfriend according to boyfriend.

Even if the boyfriend can’t say pretty because he feels embarrassing although he likes or loves her, it is easy to say for fashionable girlfriend because it is possible to take the both meaning as both she or cloth.

2.Hopes to be pretty for a long time

Most women misunderstand, but some men say “Pretty” because they expect her to keep pretty for a long time.

Some women feel like stopping be fashionable, because boyfriend says pretty, or some women has been fat because boyfriend says too much pretty.

However, this is totally wrong.

You had better regard pretty from boyfriend for girlfriend as pressure, which is required to keep pretty, especially if boyfriend takes care of being fashionable.

Because, he regards her as the person who is prettier as long as he praise.

It is easy to imagine that she tries to be pretty more, if boyfriend usually says “Pretty” for the person who is prettier as long as he praise.

If you stop trying to be pretty, because you are usually said “pretty” by the boyfriend such as the above type, boyfriend will often say that you were pretty around when they start romantic relationship.

Please try to keep pretty for a long time, if you realize you are the person who is prettier as long as he praise.

Some people, whose boyfriend often says “You are not prettier than we start romantic relationship although you are pretty now while you don’t mind, had better try to be prettier to enhance the awareness for beauty.

3.Feel precious

When woman talks each other, it is often seen that the woman, who is not much pretty generally, talks “Boyfriend often says pretty to me”.

Some people may feel that is wrong.

Some people wonder why her boyfriend says pretty to her.

Boyfriend does not always use “Pretty” only to praise her appearence.

Be shortly, some boyfriend sometimes uses pretty to show precious feeling for her.

The meaning of pretty, favorable includes in the word of pretty for the boyfriend.

He uses “Pretty” because he feels very precious for her, to see what the girlfriend does the best for him.

Woman, often feels pretty, cool even if serious face is horrible, even if the boyfriend, who you start romantic relationship because she likes, sleeps while opening mouth.

Boyfriend uses the pretty to mean totally.

He does not show concretely where pretty she is at unexpectedly.

Finally, some women ask the boyfriend which part of her is pretty.

But it had better stop because it is useless for each other.

Because, if boyfriend says all are pretty, girlfriend may feel that he says pretty in spite of he does not really thinks so.

Receive genuinely if boyfriend says pretty

Anyway, please receive “Pretty” from him genuinely, and keep yourself as pretty girlfriend while improving, and taking care of your appearance or behavior.

It is very important for you to praise his good point, because he praises you.

Then, it is possible to keep romantic relationship respected each other, and praised each other.