Why does man prevent to keep eye contact with during conversation?

Last update date:29th December 2017

You may wonder what the man is thinking at the bottom of his heart, when the man does not keep eye contact with you during conversation.

Introduce what the man thinks, and why the man prevents to keep eye contact.

1.The man is shy because he likes

The man, who is pure, and who is slow to warm up to love, can’t see the woman’s eyes who he prefers or takes care of.

It is expected that he is afraid to be realized what he thinks by the woman, or he is shy to be seen his eye by woman.

The man tends to be nervous to take conversation, if the man likes the woman.

He will feel more nervous, if he has to take conversation while seeing her eyes.

His shy character will prevent to communicate, if he takes much conversation while preventing to see eyes, if he does not show reluctant behavior.

It is highly expected that he likes you, if his face and ear turns a little red, in addition to above case.

2.Hide what he really thinks to tell a lie

If people tell a lie, eye often reflects lying.

People tend to prevent to see eye, when people feel guilty, or when people realize to bother other people.

It is expected that the man tells a lie to you, or hides something.

If he usually keep his eye with you, or he has never done such a thing before, he may tell a lie.

Such a man, sometimes try to change the topic to finish the conversation as soon as possible.

He may hide something, if the man tries to change the topic discussed currently, or if the man does not want to talk about the topic.

It is ensured that he tells a lie or hides something, if you can see the man bewildered, such as trembling, or run away by asked.

3.Know her favor

Some men bewilder what he should do, to know that woman has a favor for him.

Some men hesitate to see her eye as rejection because he can’t correspond her feeling.

It is natural that the man concerns the woman, if the people around the man tells that the woman has favor to him, or the woman tells him her favor.

But, the man sometimes show what he thinks not by kept eye, when he thinks that he can’t correspond her favor.

It is impossible to correspond her feeling, if he has girlfriend, or she is not his type.

However, it is strange for him to apologize, or to prevent communication, because he is not spoken love directly by her.

So, the man sometimes show rejection on his attitude.

If it is only misunderstanding, closing misunderstanding will be set as priority.

If misunderstood status is remained, the relationship does not go smoothly, such as what the man does not keep eye just for her, although the man keep eyes with everyone except her.

4.Not hoped relationship

There are like or dislike taste for each people.

Especially between man and woman, people regards as the opposite sex, whether there is romantic relationship or not.

So, people sometimes can’t accept the identified person mentally.

If people feel “I don’t accept mentally” for someone, people can’t see eyes for someone.

As a result, people try to avoid conversation itself.

The man may want to avoid relationship with you, if the man never tries to keep eye contact with you even if you speak to him or the man does not smile.

It is difficult to ignore, if it never fail to being necessary to have relationship in business.

But when the man does not accept you mentally, the man expresses clearly what he thinks, he can’t keep eye contact with you.

5.Evidence as closed mind

The man tends to concern the woman just because she is opposite sex.

If the man’s cautiousness is strong, the man tends to hesitate to have conversation with the woman.

Some men can’t see eye as far as he does not open much mind.

In addition, the man may hear the rumor, related to be spoken badly in company by women.

When the man does not understand what the woman thinks, or when the man concerns to be spoken badly, the man can’t believe the woman soon.

If the women gather, the women may start to speak badly, or to criticize someone.

The man can’t sometimes believe the woman or can’t sometimes open his mind, if the man hears spoken badly.

It does not matter if the man does not take care of what he is thought by other people, but serious man, who takes spoken badly sincerely, or pure man, will be fragile to hear.

Because the man can’t take conversation without keeping eye with the person as far as he does not open his mind, it means that he closes his mind.

Know the reason why the man look away during the conversation

You may think “Do you hear me?” if the man does not see eye during conversation.

We would like to take conversation while seeing eye if possible, because eye reflects what people thinks, and eye contact measures communication extent.

But state of mind is different depends on whether the man does not see just her eye or everyone eye.

It may be possible to realize the reason why to be considered whether the man, who you take care of, is true for which type, including the other action taken by him.