Why does the person touch the ear? May hold anxiety or stress.

Last update date:30th December 2017

Do you often touch your ear if you realize?

Do you wonder why you have such a habit?

Introduced the feature and why people touch the ear on this time.

1.Feel anxiety and Not Felt relax

People want to escape from “Anxiety”.

People often touch the ear without realized, because people feel anxiety and don’t feel relax.

People can feel relax if people touch the ear.

People can get relaxed by touched bouncy ear.

It might be expected to touch ear to try to keep calm, because people feel unrelieved more and more.

People tend to touch ear, to make people’s mind felt relax.

2.Feel stress and irritated

People often touch ear to feel relax, also when people feel stress and irritated.

People touch the ear to manage this stress when people feel irritated.

People try to let mind calm to manage by touched ear.

People might feel something stress while touching ear.

So, people start to touch the ear.

3.Feel disgusted, and No more talk is required

People often touch the ear when people feels disgusted against the person to talk.

People feel disgusted to hear what he says or to see his attitude, or to feel upset what he talks, and feel “Stop” “Don’t want to make conversation”.

People tend to touch ear under such a feeling.

People feel like shutting ear down and feel disgusted truly.

But people do not show what people think but just touch ear because people stand.

People tend to touch ear when people are scolded by disliked boss, or when people are talked by the opposite sex who is uncomfortable.

Behavior tends to show people’s mind honestly.

4.Not listened the story because people have interest for other

Touching ear may means not to be interested in you, but to be interested in other.

People tend to touch the ear when people do not listen to talking, or people consider other thing while pretending to listen to.

It might be expected that you can’t pay attention to the conversation.

Or you would not listen because you would like not to listen much.

Touching ear shows low interest to the identified person.

If people touch the ear without realized, it might be considered other thing.

So, people touch the ear.

5.Enjoy conversation, Hopes to listen more talks

People touch the ear, because people feel irritated or disgusted.

But people sometimes touch the ear also when people enjoys the conversation in fact.

Because people thinks “Would like to listen more” “Would like to talk more”, and people enjoy conversation between them, people touch the ear.

So, people touch the ear.

This is the opposite feeling from irritated.

Please don’t mistake.

6.Hope to depend on

People touch the ear because people would like to depend on because people feel lonely in fact.

People can’t live if they feel lonely.

So people sometimes depend on the other person.

People show “Hopes to depend” signal and touch the ear if people feel not depended enough.

Most people to touch the ear frequently, are dependable character, and have a deep affection.

People have touched the ear because they would like to depend on someone.

People have touched the ear such as at night which people have to spend by themselves, because people feel “Lonely” or “Dependable”.

It is recommended to find the partner who you can depend on.

7.Feel comfortable to touch ear

It is simple reason why people touch the ear.

It is simply because “Ear is bouncy and well soft and comfortable” .

Earlobe is a little cold, and make us feel comfortable to feel bouncy if people touch.

People often tend to touch the ear, because this feeling is comfortable.

It is just because people would like touch, and people have no particular bad feeling or good feeling.

People sometimes touch the ear just because the feeling to touch is good.

Do you want to touch the ear because your ear or other people’s ear is comfortable to touch? People touch the ear because of the above seven reasons.

Realize why people touch the ear

Behavior touched ear often reflects mind status.

It is recommended to confirm how mind status you have when you have touched the ear.