Why men touch women’s cheeks? Read their motives.

Last update date:30th December 2017

Why do men touch women’s cheeks? There must be many women that think that.

From a woman’s point of a view there must be many that think “They’ll ruin my makeup, it’s bad for my skin”, or from someone that you’re not even dating “it’s gross to be touched al the sudden”.

These type of women think that men touch their cheeks for no reason, or can’t understand why they dose.

Yet, there is a reason to why they touch women’s cheeks, I’ll be introducing the truth behind it.

1.They can’t help it because you’re so cute

Wanting to pet dogs and cats because they’re so cute, is a feeling that even women can understand.

Along with that feeling, men want to poke women’s cheeks when they do something cute.

It’s an action that arises when women are just to cute and loving.

If you see it from that point of view, can’t women be happy when they touch their cheeks?.

2.Another way when wanting to kiss

Touching your cheeks is a sign that they want to kiss.

This is something that comes from the psychology of men.

Men are beings filled with pride.

They want to be cool and considered smart in front of women.

They want t kiss, but it’s hard to smoothly kiss someone.

Many men that think like that touch the check building a romantic atmosphere so they can naturally bring it to a kiss.

It’s fine if you’re dating, but if someone that isn’t even your lover, obviously touches your mouth and is giving you the sign to kiss, then be careful.


Aren’t there times when lovers quarrel, making the woman grumpy or angry? There are men that pinch or poke the woman’s cheek when she’s grumpy to clear the air.

The cheek is a friendly but vague line of body touch.

There are people that getting their cheeks touched make their heart race, or make them feel calm.

Aren’t men wanting that same calm or feeling of peace when they touch women’s cheeks?.

4.A way to see if they have a chance

They touch your cheek because they are seeing you as a woman.

It’s a characteristic to check the distance between the two, when they don’t know how the other person feels about them.

If they touch your cheek and you don’t back away, they’ll think they have a chance.

There is the type of body touch to check.

5.Wanting to shorten the distance

If you’re not dating it’s hard to do skin-ship like hold their hand, link arms isn’t it? With that point, touching their cheek, depending on the situation or as a joke they can touch it.

Plus, it’s the kind of body touch that you can do even if there is another person, as you can get by within the distractions.

But, if you let someone that you don’t really like touch your cheek, they’ll misunderstand that you’re letting them do so and become even more forward, so be careful.

Is it hard to understand the mentality of men’s feeling of wanting to touch, or shorten the distance?.

6.They just want to touch

Men and women’s skin type is completely different.

Apparently there are some men that want to touch women’s white, baby like, smooth skin.

There are some that just touch people’s cheeks for no particular reason.

There are some that just enjoy the situation at that time not having any romantic feelings and touch people’s cheeks.

Isn’t this the same for women as well?.

7.Desires, ulterior motives

Doesn’t your heart race when people touch your cheek?There are some men that touch women’s cheeks and if they don’t reject them they’ll think “maybe this girl will let me do it”, and go with the flow and kiss them, and continue on to…… If you’re dating then there’s no problem, but if someone that you’re not even dating, you might just go along with the flow of that time.

Be careful not to have any one night stands.

Some may say “men are simple”, but there is a reason behind their action of touching people’s cheeks, and it’s not like they aren’t thinking of anything.

Men touch women’s cheeks because they are interested in them.

But, one must consider from what stance are men touching your cheek.

If it’s your lover, it’s something that you are genuinely happy about.

It’s something that you can think, the care about you, they treasure you.

But, if it’s someone that you’re not dating, you have to be able to see what they’re mentality is for touching your cheek.

If you are even a little bit interested in them, you’re heart will race and it’ll be a good stimulus.

Again, if it’s someone that you don’t like that touches your cheeks, then you’ll just feel bad about it.

If you don’t directly tell them “don’t touch me” and reject them, they might get excited and they’re actions may get worse so be careful.

Prepare against men that touch your cheek by reading their motives

Even if you understand the reasoning behind men touching your cheeks, it’s important that you are able to judge them.

Be able to see if they are wanting something from you when they touch your cheeks.