Why did he start to show feelings of disappointment since you both started dating?

Last update date:29th December 2017

Do you ever feel that he started to show feelings of disappointment since you both started dating?

There are lots of women who feel concerned if they did or said something wrong to upset their partner.

What happens to the heart of the man that made him suddenly change? What do they feel?

1.His impression of her was different than expected

Attitude changes happen when the man’s impression of the woman was different from what they expected based on her looks and appearance.

Men tend to build an ideal image of the woman and as their start dating, they feel disappointed that things weren’t as they believed it would be.

These thoughts build walls in his mind that end up pushing the him away from her.

It’s clear that first impressions of appearance and looks play a very strong role in his idea of what her character would be like.

This inevitably creates gaps in what he was expecting and his reality.

If he feels uncomfortable with the gap between his image and reality, it is possible that he ends up feeling disappointed in the relationship.

As a result, she winds up clueless in why his attitude suddenly changed towards her.

This could be resolved by asking him what type of person does he like.

This could prevent any negative gaps from the image he builds of the woman and the reality once they start dating.

Once he understands what he’s getting into, it is common that he won’t end up disappointed in the relationship.

2.He feels that the relationship is too troublesome

When the relationship is going well, it is very common that the couple spends a lot of time calling and texting each other.

However, there are times when men could start to feel annoyed at this constant communication.

Compared to women, men tend to find it troublesome to spend their time in this manner.

For example, men who aren’t as skilled, who like to spend a lot of time for their own hobbies and their freedom find this type of relationship troublesome.

If you end up having feelings for a man with this type of character, it is advisable to start communicating more once you both are in an official relationship.

3.He already has a girlfriend

There are possibilities that he may in fact have a girlfriend already.

When he feels as though his current girlfriend is suspecting that he is cheating on her or is interested in someone else, he may to distance himself away from you.

It’s possible that he ends up acting differently to you to avoid any troubles by his girlfriend.

It is not uncommon that the women believe that their relationship was going in a positive direction but in fact, they were being played.

It is advisable to try to understand his relationships with others.

If you are able to ask if he’s in a relationship, he may respond back with a clear, honest answer.

4.He feels uninterested once the relationship starts heading in a positive direction

There are men who treat dating and relationships like a game.

Their objective is to meet a woman who will find them interesting and dateable while they can.

Once he realizes that the woman is actually interested in him, he then treats it as the end of his game.

In fact, he isn’t interested in building a relationship with her but merely likes the feeling of being wanted by someone by saying sweet things to make her feel important and happy.

As a result, once he feels that she has feelings for him, he ends up satisfied with just that feeling, nothing more.

For these types of men, it is advisable to not express your feelings first.

If you show any interest or feelings, it is possible that the relationship could end right there.

Bear in mind – Men who treat relationships and dating as game are usually not the ones with the best characters.

However, it is not uncommon for women to fall for men like these.

4.He finds interest in something else other than a relationship

Some men can end up fixated on one thing and then change their focus afterwards.

Until a point, he feels very interested in her but once he finds something else of his interest, he could end up acting differently or disappointed around her.

This could easily be a new hobby or work – something completely unrelated to the relationship.

The fact that his attention went to something else could make him seem as if he is disappointed from the woman’s standpoint.

It may be beneficial to not be too sad about this and to stay positive。 Usually, he is not actually disappointed in the relationship but he just changed his focus to something else.

Let’s try to understand his thought process and mind.

If things were going well and he suddenly acts different, it is understandable that you feel as if he is no longer interested in you.

But in reality, that may not even be the case.

It is important to try to speak to him about it, try to understand his thoughts, his attitude and discover how he truly feels.