Why the man kiss for a long time? Realize why the man kisses long and deeply

Last update date:30th December 2017

How long for kisses depends on the man.

Some men do not kiss for a long time, or some men kiss for a long time.

What does the man think or what kinds of character the man is if the man always kisses for a long time?.

1.Hope to monopolize, to keep strong possessive feeling

While kissing, the woman thinks about the man.

The man would like to make her thought about the man.

To see this, the man would like to monopoly the woman.

Some men tie down and intervene for the woman, because they have strong possessive feeling.

Most men can’t show what he wants to monopoly, to prevent by high pride.

But long kiss tells that the man wants to monopoly.

It is expected that the man wants to put the woman besides him, and wants to be with her.

The man has strong possessive feeling, and his character is egoistic.

2.Hopes to distract the loneliness

The man also feels lonely, when the man can’t meet her for a long time, or when the man keeps the status which the man can’t meet her whenever he wants to meet.

The man may distract the loneliness, by kissed for a long time, if the man can’t say obediently that he wants to meet, or depend on like the woman.

The man can feel relieved because the man can meet with her finally, and the man can disappear the loneliness, during kissing.

The man can’t help kissing for a long time, because the man would like to feel the woman being besides him.

Such a man, is going to take a less time to kiss if he can feel relieved because he can realize by kissing that she is besides him.

But when the man can’t meet with the woman again, he feels the same feeling again.

So, he kisses for a long time with her every time he meets her.

This finds that the man’s character is lonely, and the man can’t tell obediently that he feels lonely.

3.Hope to hide guilty

The man feels guilty, if the man cheats or the man has some contacts with the other woman secretly.

The man is sometimes afraid that girlfriend or the woman, who it is natural to be besides him, is gone.

But he sometimes kisses for a long time, not to be realized by partner, if the man can’t calm such a feeling down, and if the man hides feeling to make him guilty.

The man kisses for a long time intentionally, to make the woman feel relieved.

The man prevents to be distrusted him and the man does not make the woman worried and felt unrelieved, by made the woman thought “He takes much care of me”.

It is expected that the man feels above, if the man kisses for a long time, and he turns to be busy suddenly or if it is difficult to share his schedule with you.

The man does distrusted actions, to see his language carefully.

4.He is Romanticist.

Such a man tends to kiss for a long time, if he is narcissistic or if he likes romantic mood.

Such a man are often affected by Drama, Movie, Comic book.

It is because the man has no much experience related to romantic relationship, or he is stubborn related to how to have romantic relationship, or he has a particular rule related to romantic relationship.

Be shortly, the man holds too much dream against the romantic relationship.

The man has stereotype related to romantic relationship, and as a result, the man turns to prefer romantic mood.

This can be true to be the man who is originally romanticist.

The man regards the long kiss as leading to good mood, or the man may expect to be pleased with long kiss for all women.

If the man often goes to see night view, or if the man can tell the embarrassed language without any care, the man is romanticist.

But it can be considered that he is originally narcissist.

The man will learn little by little, not by accommodated him frequently.

5.Broad minded person and Mannish

The man sometimes kisses for a long time, if he feels like protecting her strongly.

Some men can’t stop protecting her, and kisses for a long time, to show his feeling.

Most men as the above have broad mind, and are mannish character.

However, such a man is not good at telling such a feeling, or does not know how to show.

Such a man is sometimes clumsy.

The man does not realize how to show this feeling for the woman, even if the man has feeling to hope to express or to tell.

The man will guess that taking long time to kiss, makes the woman realized the above feeling.

Some men kiss for a long time, as a sign of expression to want to protect the woman while he is clumsy.

Why does the man kiss for a long time

Some women may wonder “What’s the matter?” if the man always kisses for a long time.

That is based on the man’s feeling or character.

It is possible to judge how the man feels, to be taken consideration for other language.

It is recommended to confirm again, whether the man is just romanticist, or the man tries to express desperately what he feels while the man is clumsy.