When you like two guys at the same time,What you should do ? Let’s avoid two-timing!

Last update date:30th December 2017

You like this guy but you also fancy that one too… Have you ever felt capricious like this?

So how do you decide who you want to be with, if you like two men at the same time?

Will you two-time them? No?

I didn’t think so.

Here, we will tell you how to deal with this situation.

1.Know that women can only truly love one man fundamentally

You should know that, excluding some special cases, women can only love one man at a time instinctively.

Because, instinctively, the reason people fall in love is to reproduce.

And one woman can only bare one man’s child/ children inside their stomach at a time.

Unlike men who can spread their seeds to multiple partners at the same time.

Biologically speaking, it is hard to say that women can love multiple guys at the same time.

For that reason, even if you think that you like two men, this feeling for one, or even both of them can be just an illusion.

To have a clear view of how you actually feel, why not try the way we recommend and find out who you should really love.

2.Is it real love?

Anyone would admire attractive men when you see them.

Is there any possibility that you have mistaken this longing for the feeling that you are in love with him?

Or perhaps you are just flattered that someone fancies you, even though you already have someone you love in your life?

Another possibility is that you have been recommended a guy by people around you and started being conscious about him.

All of these maybe good situations for starting a new relationship, but still are basically just “illusions”.

From this point, people usually fall in love as you get to know him.

So if you already have someone you love, your feeling for whoever comes after him can be interpreted as just a mistake.

You shouldn’t let your silly mistake forget about the guy you have been in love with.

Keep telling yourself that It’s just an illusion and get over it.

3.Who are you really thinking of?

If you still cannot choose one, why don’t you weigh up both men.

But be aware that you may not be able to get a clear answer while you are thinking “I fell in love with two men.

What would I do?.

”When women think they are in love with two men, it is hard to be rational when comparing the two as the feeling of love becomes stronger the more women think about it.

One way to figure out is to go out for dinner with each one of them.

This way you can find out if you are thinking about the other one while you are on a date, or you are just looking at your date and him only.

For example, when you went out on a date with A, you didn’t really think about B.

But when you went out on a date with B, you couldn’t stop thinking about A.

That means that who you really love is A.

Women are compassionate but also realistic, so they subconsciously already know who is the one but when they are thinking too much, they cannot see clearly.

Use this psychology and create a situation that you can see how you feel better.

4.Think about conditions}If you still cannot decide now, that probably means your feeling for them is about the same.

We have a feeling that you only “fancy” them and maybe are not in love yet.

This is actually better for you as choosing one when you are in love can hurt.

In this case, you should just think about “conditions” they offer.

If you are thinking about marriage, choose a guy who you think is better marriage material.

How much they make, their attitude towards work, with loans or without loans, good or bad family relationship etc.

If you really want to know, you can.

Or maybe you can just think about who you feel more comfortable with, or which part of their personality you are not sure about, and choose whoever you think you can be together for a long time.

It may seem like too calculating using this method, but when you are at any dating events, this is just normal.

So don’t feel bad to judge your potential partner with conditions.

Don’t be a two-timer.

So that was it for how to know your real feeling when you like two men at the same time.

As we mentioned at the beginning, women are not really a natural two-timer.

Take our advice and don’t cheat on them.

Harden yourself and find out who you truly love, and don’t create any unnecessary troubles with two-timing.